Thursday, December 2, 2010

Remember to enter my LOW entry giveaways!!

There are still 2 GREAT LOW entry giveaways going on here at Beckeesdeals! Another one should be posting today or tomorrow! I LOVE being able to give away great prizes to my readers! Please go enter the 2 open giveaways!

You can find the Dave & Buster's $25 Power Card giveaway here. It is an awesome prize and only has 3 entries right now-that's right, 3!!! It ends next Wednesday (my Salsa's 8th birthday)! Go enter!

The Carmex Giveaway is here. It has only 19 entries and ends on Thursday, December 16th.

More readers entering giveaways means that I can get more sponsors to give away great prizes like these! So please go enter!