Thursday, January 21, 2010

**Freebies in yesterday's mail

Wow-good thing all this loot came in yesterday's mail or I might have died since it all came with the $2500 bill for my husband's finger surgery! Pictured above is a free coupon for International Delights creamer, my free Marina perfume sample, free stickers from Disney Movie Club (no I did not join), Highlight's magazine free stickers and special offer (which I might do as they are awesome and it was a sweet deal on their magazines that teach kids about the states), my "Being a girl pack" with lots of feminine products in it,and my free SlimFast bar from Sams Club. (The big yellow folder also came which was a great personal gift. Not a freebie, but it helped anyway! It came from my husband's grandparents-THANKS G&G Johnson)!

**GREAT Hyvee trip last Saturday

Probably my favorite shopping trip/deal in recent time! It was a good shopping day last Saturday and I went to Old Navy's sale where I got some great deals, then I went over to Hyvee's hot deals sale that I told you about here. The picture above is the loot I scored there which cost a total of $28.21!!

Here is a list of everything I bought in the picture:
2-Half Gallon Hyvee Orange Juices
1 Smart Balance Sour Cream (it was on sale for 88 cents and I had a $1 off coupon-made 12 cents on that one)
2 Jack's Pizza's
Heritage Coffee (No I do not drink coffee, but it and the cups came free with my plates)
2 boxes Kelloggs Frosted Flakes (99 cents each and I had a coupon for $1 off 2-so 50 cents each)
2 StarKist Creations (1 was free with coupon)
2 Tone's spices (had a coupon for those)
1 bag Stacy's Pita Chips (Free with coupon)
1 package Chinet plates
1 package Chinet warm drink insulated cups (free with plates)
1 bag Tortilla shells
5 bags Kraft cheese (5 for $6 with a $5 catalina back-meaning $5 "coupon" back to use at my next Hyvee visit-so ends up being 20 cents each!)
3 Pepsi brand 2 liters of soda (77 cents each)
Bananas (7 pounds at 28 cents per pound)
10 pounds 73 percent lean ground beef (just less than $10 for that)

Whew-what a GREAT invigorating shopping trip for me!

**In my mailbox last week...

Wes keeps telling me I need to post my freebies and deals I get so you can see I am doing this stuff, so here we go...
One of the days last week, I got the loot above in the mail, and I am so excited to tell you all about it because it gives me the chance to tell you about a couple programs I signed up with recently. Pictured above is a coupon for a free bag of Stacy's pita chips that my husband was able to sign up for a while back on Facebook. There is also a buy one get one free coupon for StarKist Creations (Tuna, Albacore) which I was sent from Vocalpoint. And the last thing there is 8 $1 off coupons for Coke products from Recycle Bank.

Vocalpoint is a program where you are sometimes sent products to try (or in this case a coupon to try product) and then after trying, you give Vocalpoint your opinion on the product tried. I am still new to this program, but I tried my StarKist Tuna Creations and I really liked it. I am super excited to see what other surprises I get to try in the future! If you want to join Vocalpoint just click the link here.

Recycle Bank. is a program that rewards you for recycling and living green. Their curbside recycling program is not available everywhere, but is worth looking into if it is in your area. I do not have their curbside recycling, but I signed up, got a 100 point bonus for signing up and promptly cashed in the 100 points for 10 $1 off Coke products coupons. I buy a lot of Coke products so this was a massive deal for me! Again I am new to this program so I have not figured out all the ways to earn rewards yet, but I am loving the coupons I got! You too can sign up by clicking here.

**FREE samples from Alford & Hoff

Become a fan of Alford & Hoff on Facebook, then fill out the form under the free samples tab and get free samples including their Serum, Microdermabrasion, Eye Cream and Fragrance. Click here to become a fan. (They just posted that they are out right now, but they hope to have more samples to give out soon.)

Thanks Mojo Savings.

**ConAgra foods booklet

Get a ConAgra coupon booklet with $17 worth of coupons from Walmart! Awesome! Click here to sign up. In case you are unsure of which brands are part of ConAgra foods (headquartered right here in Omaha by the way), check out their list of product brands here.

Thanks The Krazy Coupon Lady.

GM Cereals giveaway

General Mills has their Great Cereal Giveaway going on now where you can win cereal every month for a year. Click here to enter. Note that you can enter once a month.

Thanks Frugal Rhode Island Mama.

FEB 5-FREE Kind bars @ Starbucks

Stop by Starbucks on Feb 5th and they will be giving away samples of their new KIND bars. And boy don't they look great!!! Mmm...

Thanks Coupon Pro.

The Limited coupon

Here is a great printable coupon for $15.00 off a $15.00 purchase at The Limited good until Feb 3. (Make sure you read the small print on this coupon and note the rules. You will see that there are actually 3 levels of savings you could use on this coupon: $15.00 off of $15.00 or more, $30.00 off of $100.00 or more, or
$50.00 off of $150.00 or more)

Thanks KC Penny Pinchin Mama.

Free kids stuff

You might have guessed by now that I love free stuff! Well, as a mom of 4 kids 7 and younger I especially love free kid stuff. If you do too, you should check out this site.

Thanks Mama Cheaps.

Happy Birthday Mozart from Baby Einstein's.

To celebrate Mozart's Birthday, Baby Einstein's is offering a free Baby Mozart music download through Wed, Jan 27.

Thanks For the Mommas.

Applebees text coupon

Well, I am texting stupid so I have not done this yet, but evidently Applebee’s is offering a great text message coupon. ON THE DAY you want to eat at Applebee's, Text APPLE to 69100! You’ll receive a text message back that states, “Show this text for $5 off your Food purchase (today only)”.

Thanks My Deal Frenzy.

The Body Shop sale through Sunday

The Body Shop is havin te final days o their "Lowest price of the season" sale with some items up to 75% off. If you need anything from The Body Shop, this is the time to buy! G check out the sale here.