Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Possible free books

If you go check out Read it Forward you can sign up to get free copies of books before they come out. I have not gotten any yet, but it is worth trying each time!! There are new ones today. They are the 3 books pictured above. Click here for more information.

Possible Reeses bag freebie on Facebook

Oh man-this is dangerous for me...Apparently, Reeses is reporting to their fans on Facebook to "Stay tuned next week to find out how to get a free bag." Click here to become a fan on facebook and maybe win a free bag of Reeses...Mmmm...

ThanksDes Moines Coupon Mom.

Qdoba "Craft your life"

OK, this is fun! Qdoba has a new game, "Craft Your Life!" and it is like MASH (admit it ladies-you all played that as kids!). Kinda a fun way to get a coupon (that is what I "won") but I hear you can possibly get freebies too.

What you do is go through and fill in the blanks (or choose an image) and they "craft your life." After you "craft your life" you will have the chance to win one of thousands of FREE lunch coupons that they are giving away! You can play once every day (quantities are limited)! Go here to Craft Your Life! Go now-it is quick and fun! Let me know if/what you win!

Thanks Clippin with Carrie.

**Roberts Dairy Coupons

I buy a lot of milk (for everyone in that family that is not lactose intolerant) and dairy products. I also do not get a lot of dairy coupons, so I was pretty excited about this. If you sign up here to become a member at Roberts Dairy, you can get coupons and deals from them. I just signed up and got my first coupons printed! Yeah!

Thanks Chicks Dig Deals.

FREE Skin like Butter Sample

Skin Like Butter is offering free samples if you just email them your mailing address. Click here to get started.

Thanks Free Stuff 4 Free.

Tuesday Morning

I try to make this blog a good way to get deals and save money. So, naturally, I want to tell you about stores that give great deals. When I was at book club yesterday, the other ladies were discussing stores they love to get deals at. and boy, it's a good thing I was eavesdropping as it reminded me to tell you all about one of my mom's favorite stores, Tuesday Morning.

On their website, they describe themselves as follows:

Tuesday Morning offers first quality, famous maker closeout gifts on an event basis. This strategy has made Tuesday Morning the largest and most successful closeout gift chain in the United States, for 30 years running.
They have different items all the time and it will vary from region to region and even from store to store. But you can usually find a bunch of great inexpensive stuff there. And the best part is that the first Tuesday of each month everything new comes in and there are sometimes additional discounts-you have to watch their ads.

So, go check out their website and hey-you might even want to stop by your local store this coming Tuesday as it IS the first Tuesday in February! Happy hunting!! Let me know if you get any great deals!

And thanks Tausha for reminding me to talk about this great store! (Also, FYI no one paid me for or asked me to write about this at all)

Multigrain Cheerios coupons

Want 5 coupons for $1 off Multigrain Cheerios? Then go sign up here.

Thanks For the Mommas.