Friday, January 29, 2010

10 % off at SexyModest today (1/29) or tomorrow(1/30) when you pay with cash.

For those of you in Utah, go to SexyModest today or tomorrow and make your purchase with cash and you will get 10% off! If you missed my post about SexyModest, you can read it here.

**FREE Orange Julius!

YEAH for this one! I just found out that there are 2 Orange Julius stores here in Omaha, so now I am really excited about this deal! You can go here to sign up for Orange Julius's newsletter and they will send you a free 20 oz drink coupon. YEAH!! Cannot wait for mine!

Thanks you a ton My Frugal Adventures.

**Pampers free sample with possibility to win a year of diapers!

***Update-the free samples are now live and available, but the free diaper thing will be a separate promotion that will not begin until February 12. So, go now over to and get your sample pack ordered!***

Moms by Heart posted this sweet deal that begins tomorrow (Friday 1/29) on

Evidently, to kick off their newly designed cruisers, Pampers will be giving away 3 pack samples of Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max. If the sample pack you get in the mail has Team USA stamped on it (like the picture above) you win a one year supply of free diapers!! These diapers will be randomly places in the free samples.

So head over to and get your sample pack ordered!

Thanks Moms by Heart

FREE sample of PediaSure or Baby's Only Organic Formula

There is an available sample of of PediaSmart or Baby's Only Organic Formula. To get this sample you have to call 614-898-9758 then press 2 for PediaSmart or 3 for Baby’s Only Organic formula. You will have to speak all you responses clearly to a computer, so you may want to lock yourself away from noisy kids to make this call!

Thanks STL Mommy.

**Dead Deal FREE Heluva Good product through Facebook fan page

****Looks like this deal is now dead! Sorry!****

Become a fan of Heluva Good on Facebook and get a complimentary coupon for one free Heluva Good product. Just click here to get started. Once you are a fan, register on the promotions tab and you will get a coupon in the mail in 4-6 weeks.

Thanks STL Mommy.

Denny's FREE food February.

You may have noticed that there are a lot of restaurants offering free food this month for Free food February-we have Starbucks giving samples today and next week, Auntie Anne's upcoming free pretzels, and IHOP's upcoming free pancakes. Well, here is another one to add to your list.

Denny's will give a FREE Burger & Fries to the first 500,000 people that sign up between Feb 1-14 here for their rewards program online starting February 1. The Burger and fries will be available from March 1-7.

They will also have the following freebies:

  • Feb 9, 6am-2pm: FREE Grand Slam

  • Starting Feb 10: Endless Pancakes and Fries: Denny’s will provide free refills to any order of french fries or pancakes at participating locations .

  • On your birthday: FREE original Grand slam when you show proof it is your birthday.

Thanks Des Moines Coupon Mom and Moms by Heart.

**Play Nestle Crunch Challenge on Facebook...

Play the Nestle Crunch Challenge game on Facebook daily through March 8th for your chance to win a Nestle Crunch. It is a really fun game-I just got totally caught up playing it! Check it out!

Thanks Clippin with Carie.

$1 off V8 VFusion

Go here and enter your email to get a coupon for $1 off V8 VFusion. This should make it pretty inexpensive to try these!

Thanks Chicks Dig Deals.

FREE Sahale Snacks at Starbucks today only! posted that TODAY only all Starbucks locations in North America will be sampling Sahale Snacks. from 11am-2pm. So, if you are near a Starbucks-stop by for a sample! They look really good!

Kohls Early Bird Sale Saturday (tomorrow)

Saturday ONLY Kohl's is having 100 Early Bird specials. This sale is in stores from 7am-1pm local time or online from 1am-4pm EST. Preview this sale here. If you shop online and spend more than $75 use code FREE2U to get free shipping!