Saturday, January 30, 2010

**FREE Jiffy Mix Recipe Book

You can get a free Jiffy Mix recipe book by signing up here.

Thanks Des Moines Coupon Mom.

Carmex weekly giveaway

Enter the Carmex Sample Giveaway here. They give away 50 each week.

Thanks Des Moines Coupon Mom.

**Free sample of Arm & Hammer Advance White toothpaste

You can try a weeks worth of Arm and Hammer Advance White Toothpaste by clicking here. Then click on the "Try it Free for a Week" link on the bottom left, then fill out the form that will pop up. After you are done, it says it will send an email with a link you have to click to verify your email before the sample will be sent. Also-this is while supplies last-so I would sign up right away.

Thanks Mojo Savings.

Redken Sample/Giveaway...

Redken is offering free samples (while supplies last). You can choose between 3 products: Matte Sponge, Velvet gelatine, or Matte Shake.

I am not sure how this will work because it says sample are while supplies last, and after you enter, it says they will let you know within 90 days whether you've won one of the products. Either way-it is worth entering and seeing if we end up with anything good-worth a try! So, go sign up here.

Thanks My Frugal Adventures.

Toys R Us Stock Up and Save Sale

Did you get that Babies R Us $5 Gift Card for becoming a Facebook Fan the other day? If so this is an even better deal as the gift card says it can also be used at Toys R Us!

Check it out-Toys R Us is having a Stock Up and Save deal going on beginning tomorrow (1/31) and ending 2/6 that could be really good. There are a number of Stock Up Deals: A Pampers Bin one, A Huggies one, a Pampers/Tide/Dreft/Bounty/Charmin one, and 2 different baby formula ones. If you use a lot of these products like I do the deals are pretty good for stocking up. Check them out here.

Let me just tell you about the Huggies one . Here's the deal:

The sale on Huggies is that you buy ANY 2 Huggies value Boxes of diapers (100-288 count) and 1 value box of wipes (320-576 count) and you get a $15 gift card back for Toy R Us. The Boxes of diapers are around $42 each (They are huge) and the wipes are about $12. So your total is going to be around $96. Then if you have coupons (I have $4.75 worth I can use) and if you have the $5 gift card from Faceboook (I had 2 of them, so $10 worth), that brings the total down, in my case to around $81. Then I get a $15 gift card back for my next purchase so it is like I paid $66 and got enough diapers and wipes to last for months!

I have to tell you though that the size of diapers I needed (5) is not available for this deal (I went down last night to the local store and talked to them about it). So, I am not doing this deal after all. Instead I spend my gift cards on a couple outfits for my Kindle and a video game from Wes for the kids. I will post about that deal soon!

Check out the sale and see if there is one of those stock up sales that will work for you!

Bakers 8 hour Sale until 5PM TODAY

Sorry this is just now getting posted, but I JUST got access to a computer today! If you live near Bakers, check out their 8 Hour sale-it is pretty good today: Gallon of Bakers Milk for $1.68 (limit 2 must purchase $10 additionally), Kroger Value 4 lb oranges or 5 lb Grapefruit for $2.99, and Kroger Bacon $1.87 (16 oz, limit 3). All prices are with a Bakers card which I do not have, but can get when I stop by.

Domino's Deal

Saw a commercial about this one. Dominos is offering a deal where you can get 2 Medium 2 Toppings pizzas for $5.99 each and if you are not satisfied, you get your money back! Wow-that is standing behind your well-priced product!!