Thursday, February 4, 2010

**Chocolate Cheerios coupon

I LOVE the new Chocolate Cheerios, so I really LOVE this HOT coupon for $1.25/1!! Go get your coupon now while it is still available here.

Thanks Who Said Nothing in Life is Free.


Online Coupon Sources

In case you are new to couponing like me, I thought it would help if I posted about where to find online printable coupons. Also, I highly recommend getting the Sunday newspaper so you can clip the coupons in it!

I get most of my coupons from Other places to look are Smart Source and Red Plum.


**Where in the world has Beckee been all day?!

Well, I have just returned from a triumphantly deal-filled trip to Walmart (that took up a great portion of my day). I need to go fix dinner for my hungry family, but I cannot wait to blog about and share my deals with you! I also hope to get a chance to go through my emails this evening and let you know what deals are going on from those!! More from me later! Consider the pictures above as a teaser!


Don't forget-possible free eggs TOMORROW

Become a fan of Incredible Edible Egg on Facebook. Then on Friday you will want to try to be one of the first 30,000 fans to click the free eggs tab on their Facebook fan page so you can get a B1G1 FREE egg coupon!!

Thanks Mama Cheaps.

**Walmart Deals

Well, I would like to start out this blog by pointing out a few things. One, I am NOT a coupon diva, I am in awe and amazement that people actually spend so little on groceries and essentials. Two, I am still a newbie at all this, and I get really excited about deals that may not seem as impressive as the ones you might see on the great frugal blogs around. Three, I was out of basically everything and this was quite a stock up trip-I do not plan to get much (but maybe milk) again for at least a couple weeks. Four, There are some things I simply had to buy that were not a great deal.
That being said, I want to give you a few stats about my Walmart trip. I used 2 different money-saving tactics: I Price matched and used coupons. I did something I have never before done and had to drag around 2 kids and 2 carts. I had a couple of returns to make so I got a gift card for $28.83 when I arrived. I bought 86 items. I figured out that before price matching my total bill would have been around $285. But with all the pricematches, the total was $245.33. Then I used my 40 coupons bringing my total down to $181.72 (plus tax brought it up to $186.36). I used my $28.83 gift card and spent a total of $157.53 out of pocket. So, I went from $285 total to $157.53-AWESOME!! (Of that $17 was 20 lbs of rice, $20 was meat, and $15 was a game I was getting to replace the game I had to return)

I want to tell you about some of my favorite deals here in the pictures (not all the purchased items are pictured.)

In the picture above is:

  • 4 12-packs of Diet Coke (Pricematch 4/$9, $3 in coupons so total was 4/$6)

  • 4 12-packs of Diet Code Red Mountain Dew (Pricematch 4/$9)

  • Scott Toilet paper 4 pack ($2.68 minus $1 coupon=$1.68)

  • Nakano Rice Vinegar (FREE with coupon Mizkan sent me)

  • Marsala cooking wine (FREE with Coupon Mizkan sent to me)

  • Stacy's Pita Chips (FREE with coupon sent to me from Stacy's because I wrote and told them I love their chips)

  • 2 Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce ($1.42 each minus 2 $1 off coupons from Kikkomans so $0.42 each)

  • Mission Flour Tortillas (on sale @ Walmart for $1.92 minus $0.55 coupon=$1.37)

  • Post Raisin Bran ($2.50 on sale minus $2 off coupon=$0.50)

  • 2 Cheerios boxes (Sale $2.68-2 $1 off coupons=$1.68 each)

  • 2 Special K boxes (Sale $2.88 coupon B1G1 so 2 for $2.88)

  • 2 Trix boxes (sale $2 minus 2 $1 off coupons=$1 each)

  • Eggos Cereal (my FAVORITE-On Sale for $2.88 but had a pull off coupon on it for $1 off=$1.88)

  • 8 lb bag of Oranges (Regularly $6.98 but I Price Matched for $2.96)

  • 2 boxes Oscar Meyer meats (Pricematched for $1.99, then used 2 $1 off coupons for a total of $0.99 each)

  • 5 Kraft 8 oz cheeses-2 blocks, 3 shredded (Pricematched $1.44, used 4 $1 off coupons & 1 $0.50 off coupon. So 4 of them cost $0.44 & 1 cost $0.94.)

  • Box of Nabisco Artisan crackers (pricematch $1.63 minus $1 off coupon=$0.63)

  • 2 8th Continent Soy Milk ($2.73 minus 2 $1 off coupons=$1.73 each)

  • 4 Philadelphia Cream Cheese (Pricematch $0.99 minus $1/4 coupon=4/ $2.96

  • 2 Famous Dave's BBQ Sauces (Pricematch $1.77 each)

  • Nut Clusters Bag-major treat ($3 minus $1 coupon=$2 each)

  • Chex Mix bars ($2.49 minus coupon for $1 off=$1.49)

In the above picture is:
  • 2 pjs for the girls for Easter (clearance $3 each)
  • Catch Phrase Electronic (Sale $20 minus $5 coupon=$15)
  • 2 My Little Ponys that came with DVD's ($5 each but I had B1G1 coupon so $2.50 each)
  • Scrabble Card game ($5.24 Minus $4 off coupon=$1.24)
  • Sorry Card Game ($5.24 Minus $4 coupon=$1.24)
  • Pictureka Card Game ($5.24 Minus $5 coupon=$0.24)
  • Monopoly Card Game ($5.24 Minus $4 coupon=$1.24)


Attention Readers in Canada: Free breakfast sandwiches from Burger King

Readers in Canada will be glad to know that Burger King Canada is giving away free breakfast sandwiches tomorrow morning. Find a location and see details here.

Thanks Who Said Nothing in Life is Free.

UPDATE: Coupon Booklet from Eat Better America

Merrilyn just sent me an email about a great coupon booklet through Eat Better America. You have to be a subscriber to get the coupon booklet. If you are, you can go here to get the booklet.

If you are not a subscriber yet, go here and sign up to beccome a member. Then you won't miss out on the next great coupons!! Thanks Merrilyn!!


Tuesday Morning sale starting tomorrow

Tuesday Morning has some weekend sales coming up that look pretty good. The sale runs Friday Feb 5-Sunday Feb 7. Here are a few of the deals listed: Bally Total Fitness Exercise accessories or Valeo Stability Balls are $9.99 (retail $24.99). Veridian Healthcare InfraredForehead thermometer is $49.99 (retail $99.99). They also have some GREAT discounts on Tommy Hilfiger luggage. Remember merchandise is limited at Tuesday Morning, so you will want to go early tomorrow when this sale begins to get the best deals on what you want!!