Saturday, May 1, 2010

Netflix Free Trial

We have 4 kids, the oldest of which is 7. We do not have the money to pay babysitters often, so we watch a lot of movies at home after bed time for our "dates." We have done every cheap way to get movies-Redbox, Blockbuster Express, Netflix, for a while we had free movie channels through our Cable provider.

Redbox is great if you are going to return it the next day but I sometimes forget to go back and usually those are the times we have 3 movies and I end up paying for a couple days extra. So, I don't go to Redbox as often (it is a total lifesaver though on long drives...get a movie at one stop then return it at the next-the kids are totally excited to watch a "new" movie each stop.)

Blockbuster Express was good when we went to Blockbuster more and could trade in the mailed movies for in store movies, but the rules got more and more and it was less and less convenient.

Our Free movie channels through cable only lasted a few months.

Netflix is a program we are now re-trying, and I am completely loving it! When we had Netflix before, it was a simple 3 movies at a time plan where we got 3 movies in the mail at any given time. It was great, but we thought back then that it was a bit pricey.

Well, I was able to get a 2 week free trial in January, and I fell in love with it. Now we have a 2-DVD's out at a time + unlimited instant viewing. It costs up $13.99 a month and we have already watched way, way too many movies. I signed up for a streaming disc for my Wii, so we can now watch Netflix on out laptop, our TV through the Wii, and in our DVD player (for the actual discs in the mail). Not all movies are available instantly, but I have watched almost all of the "Lost" series, and MANY TV series' are available (which I love).

I am basically addicted to this now, and wanted to tell you all about it. I was only able to get a 2 week free trial, but if any of you want to try out Netflix, I figured out today that I can email my friends an email where you can get a full month trial free. (FYI-I do not get anything out of this, I just want to get you the longest free trial available). So, if anyone want to try out Netflix, send me your email address and I will email you a link for a free month trial. Send your email to me at with the subject "Netflix trial" and I will send the email back to you so you can try out this great program! I really love it!


Omaha Royals: Upcoming events

I am on the Omaha Royals email list, and I just got an email about some fun upcoming days at Rosenblatt! Youcan read their complete list and more details here, but here are some of the highlights:
  • Monday, May 3, $1 Hot Dog night
  • Tuesday, May 4 is Valpak 2-Buck 2uesday for general admission tickets or if you bring in a Kraft singles wrapper you get B1G1 tickets (the Kraft promotion is for all Tuesday home games)
  • Thursday, May 6 is Thirsty Thursday with $1 beer and Coke
  • Friday, May 7 at 7:05 are Fireworks and it is Law enforcement night
  • Saturday, May 8 is the annual Bark in the Park event. So, dog lovers, mark down the date!
  • Sunday, May 9 is U.S. Bank Family FUNday, Subway Kids Club members get in FREE


What are your plans this weekend?

Are you going to take advantage of any of the weekend activities I told you about? What will you be doing? Do you know of fun and free activities coming up in your city that you would like to share? Please comment and let me know what you are planning on doing.

In about an hour I plan to stop blogging and the kids and I are heading out to get a free comic book, then over to Sam's Club for their Tastes and Tips events...maybe there will be enough food to count it as lunch?! We will later this afternoon do our grocery shopping, then we when Wes gets home we eat dinner then probably go for a walk, then watch Ponyo as a family before bedtime (we have that movie from Netflix right now. Fun, busy day!!

Graveyard Mall Still has the Women's sunglasses available!

One of my favorite deals at Graveyard Mall is on again today! You can get 10 pairs of Women's sunglasses for only $9.99!! (Retail is $199.99) You get a random assortment of sunglasses, so you do not choose them, but if even a couple pairs are ones you like, it is totally worth it! This offer is while supplies last, so head over here to get yours! Nice preparation for summer, right?! BTW-with shipping you will be spending about $16 total.


Another great coupon site!

I am sure most of you do not read the comments on the posts, so I wanted to retell you about this. Reader, Liza commented that she gets a lot of great printable grocery coupons at a site called I just checked it out and it has some good coupons. Here are a few of my favorite coupons there right now:
  • B1G1 Cutter Insect Repellent
  • $1/2 Langers juices
  • $1/1 Sylvania Energy Star product
  • $1/1 Pam grilling cooking Spray
  • $.75/1 Wheaties Fuel (these were on clearance at my Hyvee for $.50 the other day)
  • $1/1 Fisher product 4 oz+
  • $1/1 crab or lobster classic
Those are just a few I like. You can check out all the avaliable grocery coupons they have at

Thanks Liza for the new site info!