Monday, January 31, 2011

Annie Chun party part 2: Pictures and FUN!!

I just posted about how much fun we had at the Annie Chun's party. Here are some pictures of all the fun (with some more info and descriptions of what we served and how it looked!!)

All set and ready to go...

 We served Korean noodles as an appetizer, then as pictured below was the main dish of Annie Chun's Sticky White Rice, Korean beef BBQ, and Chinese Chow Mien Vegetables. SOOO good...I am drooling just remembering it all...
 Wes's grandparents enjoying the company and the food!!
 Time to Dig in!!
 Wes's mom (who helped get it all together a lot the day of as well when I was so sick-she also let us use her house-thank you!!)
 Wes's dad and nephew-that little nephew of ours could not get enough of the Korean noodles!!
It was so cute!
 My parents with my baby girl
 I though I should include a picture of myself so you could see I was really there! I know I look stunning...
 Wow-that went fast (and was GOOD!)
 The kids table-some of them sat on the floor-that is 2 of my kids and my brother.
 Finishing up the main course and getting ready for dessert!!
 Lots of help getting dessert ready-we had prepped coconut milk with a bit of sugar in advance and had just warmed up the Annie Chun's Black pearl rice (which is so quick and easy BTW and tastes fantastic). Everyone is preparing the fruit (mangos and bananas) to finish off the dessert.
 Dessert was Black Pearl Rice and Sweetened Coconut milk with mango and banana! LOVED it!!!!
 My brother LOVED his dessert!
Great times!! Thanks you Annie Chun's!!