Wednesday, January 26, 2011

GONE Downy FB giveaway for status updates!!!

That came and went like wildfire...

Today Downy has announced that the time of the giveaway will not be announced beforehad, so "keep your eyes out for a status update to let you know". I expect by the time we see the update it will be too late to get anything, but I am still going to try!! Let me know if you see anything.

FYI, Downy is also doing giveaways on FB from Jan 23 through Feb 1!! Check out their newest status update:
Good morning! Here are a few more details about the "Mike in the Window" giveaways. Downy will be giving away daily freebies for 10 days (Jan 23- Feb 1): 700 "I SLEPT WITH DOWNY" t-shirts and 10 "Clean Sheet Week" packages per day. The "Clean Sheet Week" packages include Macy's Charter Club queen sheet set, 40ld Ultra ...Downy April Fresh and a Downy Ball, and have an est retail value of $100. Good luck, everybody!
WOW...keep and eye out and let me know if you see a status update announcing that it is available.
GO here now to like Downy on FB so you will be ready to go at the giveaway time!