Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So Sick...

Well, on Christmas day when my husband got off work we started the drive to SLC to visit our family and to baptize our daughter. We made it to SLC (Salt Lake City) on Sunday afternoon after sleeping in Cheyenne overnight.

It was SOOOO nice to be home with the family for the week and our daughter's baptism went well. She even sang a solo as part of the program and she was fantastic!

Sadly, I also got sick in Utah and apparently I have pneumonia (at 27 weeks pregnant). So, I am having a really hard time doing anything but sleeping and coughing and being miserable. SO, I apologize, but it may be yet another week before I am up and running again at full speed in life and on my blog. I may have a few posts here and there, but not my usual blogging will be done.

Thanks Andrea for picking up some of my slack today! And please readers, post/share deals on my facebook fan page wall or leave them as comments here. Help each other out while I am coughing painfully....