Monday, January 31, 2011

Spotlight: Heidi Jacobs Crochet

Heidi Jacobs Crochet

I am not crafty and don't really sew or knit or crochet, but I love cute homemeade hats for my kids. My aunt made a pumpkin hat for one of my older kids when he was a baby and I LOVE it so much it has gone through all my kiddos! I am sure the baby will be forced to wear it whether he wants to or not.

Lucky for my untalented self and for any of you that also love adorable homemade crocheted items for your families, I have a lot of talented friends and family.

One of my very best friends from high school, Heidi, has just started a blog/online shop, Heidi Jacobs Crochet where you can buy her amazing creations. She is SOOO talented. I know it is hard to take my word for it when I am her guardian angel (sorry-I could not help myself-that is an inside joke, but she is my great friend), so check out some of her stuff for yourself:

Are you impressed yet?! You should be!

She has more stuff on her blog, and is adding more and more each day-there are a lot more items she has done that she will be posting in the days to come! Make sure to check out Heidi Jacobs Crochet!



jakell said...

love the owl hat :) super cute!