Friday, February 25, 2011

FREE Soy Joy bar (FB offer)

I am so glad this FREE Soy Joy bar offer is still available as I thought I had missed it yesterday!! But, as it turns out, it worked for me about 10 minutes ago, so you should still be able to take advantage of this great freebie!!

All you need to do to get yours is follow these steps:

1-Go to the Soy Joy Facebook page
2-"Like" them
3-Click on the Do You Dare? Tab on the left side
4-Take a dare (it is SUPER quick and easy)
5-Check your emails for an email from them (It took me about 1 minute to get the email)
6-Click the link in the email ans fill out your delivery info.
7-They will send you a Free Soy Joy bar in a few weeks.

This whole process took be about 3 minutes (tops). It is quick and easy!