Monday, February 7, 2011

P&G Everyday Solutions: FB surprise today...

Apparently today P&G Everyday Solutions will be doing something big on Facebook. Check out the status they posted the other day:
LOVE the excitement I'm seeing about Monday's P&G Everyday Solutions Facebook special offer! Keep spreadin' the word! Is it a coupon? NO! Is it a sample? NO! Is it worth over $100.00? YES! YES! YES!
So, if you want in on the excitements, go like them here and keep an eye out for the big surprise.

(I will warn you, people ara already on the site waiting and getting pissed off...There is no time listed for the surprise so I am just hoping to catch it when it comes. I am taking this low key...If you hear about this coming up, please let me know. If it is anything like the last few FB things, I will be dropping off or picking up at preschool RIGHT as it goes live an miss it.)