Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Bowl is coming...better stock up on the Tabasco!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have never been a huge fan of spicy foods, but as I get older I like more spicy foods.  My husband, Wes, on the other hand is a Spicy food connoisseur.   .  We were just talking the other day about the fact that the only necessary sauce to have on hand at my house growing up was ketchup, but in our house now there are 3 required sauces to always have on hand: Ketchup, Salsa and TABASCO® Original Red.  And trust me, with the upcoming Super Bowl, we will have to stock up on the TABASCO® Original Red!!

Honestly, Wes puts Tabasco on EVERYTHING! And I mean everything. When I set the table for dinner the  TABASCO® Original Red comes onto the table as regularly as the table settings. He eats it on the expected item: tacos, enchiladas, black beans and rice, and Spanish rice of course! But he also eats it on things like eggs, pizza, pasta, and really anything bland or that he feels could use some good flavor. 
Speaking of flavor, I should mention that I actually like TABASCO® Original Red because it is SO much more than hot!! It is not just spicy for the sake of being spicy, it has a great flavor that really enhances the foods! I have really learned to cook with it (and add it to things) through my 10 years of marriage.  I saw a "How it's made" type show about  TABASCO® Original Red and did you know it is made of a simple combo of salt, red pepper and vinegar that they age over 3 years and has been around since 1868?! No wonder it is so good-they have perfected it!

Now, as we prepare for our Super Bowl food, I really will go stock up on the TABASCO® Original Red because Wes makes his famous chicken wings each year and they require a lot of this tasty sauce.  I honestly do not know the whole recipe, but I know Wes prepares a sauce made of a particular BBQ sauce, honey, brown sugar, and lots of TABASCO® Original Red.  Then the wings are fried and sauced and served with bleu cheese and ranch dressings!  LOVE it!

If you are looking for some inspiration for your Super Bowl food, check out the Game-Day Party Menu on Tabasco website.  And if I have not yet mentioned it, TABASCO® Original Red is a favorite to add to pizza around here, so while you are over at the website also check out their Pizza Perfected page!

I would LOVE to about what you will serve at your Super Bowl Parties and how you will use TABASCO® Original Red!! Your ideas always inspire me!!

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