Monday, February 7, 2011

Temple Grandin

This is not a sponsored post-just my own opinion on something I think is worth your time!  :)

I have a new hero-her name is Temple Grandin.  Some of you may have heard of her, some of you may not.  She is the most accomplished and well-known adult with high functioning autism in the world.  She not only graduated from college, but she also has a Master of Science in Animal Science, and a PhD in Animal Science.  She is currently a professor at Colorado State University.  My husband and I recently watched the movie "Temple Grandin" (starring Claire Danes, she won an Emmy for this role) and it is truly inspiring.  It was fascinating to see life through Temple Grandin's eyes-it gives great insight into the mind of someone who has autism.  This film does a great job of showing not only the struggles of having autism, but the gifts as well.  It also shows how important it is to be surrounded by caring people who know how to strenghten your talents.  I think it's a great film and anyone who knows anyone with Autism (I bet you know someone) should watch it!  Go check out her website as well,  It's very interesting and has tons of good information.  I am fascinated with this woman and want to learn more about her and her life (and her Mom, what an incredible woman in her own right)!  Anyway, go check out the movie, you won't regret it!