Thursday, February 24, 2011

WOW-talk about a GREAT mail day...see yesterday's mail...

I should preface this with a short story...My Oldest child, Salsa, is in 2nd grade. She and her siblings recently watched a Calliou episode where the mom complains about her mail exasperatingly proclaiming,  "Bills, Bills, BILLS!"  Well, at school in a free writing project she brought home she had written that the best thing about having a Deal Blogging Mom is that instead of "Bills, Bills, BILLS!" in our mail, we get "FREEBIES, FREEBIES, FREEBIES!!"  Well, I can say that yesterday's mail lived up!

WOW...I was amazed at all the fun stuff I got! Check it out:

Can't quite see what it all is? Let me tell you.
  • HUGE P&G Coupon booklet
  • Genius in Training baby Shirt (won in giveaway)
  • FREE Soup packet sample (full size sample my friends)
  • Skin MD Lotion (won in a giveaway)
  • FREE Weebles Toy
  • Lunchbox Love Notes (won in Giveaway)
  • Magic Senses Tuberose handmade glycerine soap (won in giveaway)
And to make it even better, there was only ONE bill in there. AND we got 2 FREE coupons from Walmart (Chef Boyardee Ravioli & Egg Beaters) AND we got the letter that our daughter got into the preschool we wanted for next year, and I got invited to a little party (which NEVER happens!!)! Phew! I cannot help but suspect that today's mail is going to be a let down no matter what...