Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3 Red Box Movie Rentals for $1 through Groupon!! FYI-this ends TONIGHT!!

Get this today-it ends TONIGHT!!
There is a deal right now on Groupon that is SOOO awesome! It has been out a few days but somehow I have not posted it yet (SORRY).

You can buy 3 Red Box Movie rentals for only $1 if you buy this Groupon. AWESOME!!! You are allowed to buy only one for yourself, but you can buy 2 additional as gifts (I gifted them to my husband nad daughter). 

To get this AMAZING deal just follow these steps:

1. Sign up for Groupon using my referral link here (PLEASE)

2. Then you can click here. Once you are on this page, it will look like hte screen shot/picture I took at the top of this post. Notice across the top is a yellow box that notes the RedBox deal-click on "Red Box" in there and proceed to purchase your deal!!!