Friday, March 25, 2011

Calm before the (Baby coming) storm?!

Wow-I have quite a few things I want to blog about today on here, and my plan was to wake up and blog after the older kids were off to school on the bus. But, I think we may be in the calm before the storm with this baby coming! Here is the thing. I have slept MAYBE 2-3 hours a night this whole week. I have been too uncomfortable, adn I have been contracting and just basically miserable all week. But then last night, I felt calm and exhausted, and I slept...I slept like (forgive me for this) well, a baby! ANd this morning, after getting the children on the bus, I fell right back asleep. The younger 2 kids have been watching way too much PBS this morning, but they let me sleep!!! And I just woke up...

So, I will work this afternoon on the blog a bit as soon as I get the preschooler to school. Hopefully for all your email subscribers/readers, I can get all the stuff done before the email goes out today, but in case I don't, just remember-you can stop by the blog and see what has posted, or wait until tomorrow and it will be conveniently delivered to your email as usual!