Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FREE Chips on April Fools Day...seriously...

As I looked through my coupons on my Sunday paper, I took special note of the above pictured ad...I have not posted about it yet as I am a slacker...sorry...but nonetheless, I wanted to mantion it. I will also remind you about it as the time approaches.

Essentially, it is letting you know that "Dillons grocery stores" will be giving away FREE bags of Chips on April Fools Day (Next Friday, April 1, 2011) beginning at 3 pm and going until 8 pm (or while supplies last). Locally this means you will want to stop by Bakers, and in Utah is, I believe it is Smith's.

Since this is "while supplies last", I would stop by at 3 pm. ANd take note-it is one per customer. I will have just gotten out of th ehospital, and my mom and Wes will both be home, so maybe I will send them over...or maybe I will go too and we can get 3 bags of chips?! :) We shall see!