Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Groupon $20 Referral bonus for limited time...

Hey-Do you already use Groupon? If so, you will want to check your email accounts (the one you used to sign up for Groupon) because for a limited time, when you refer a friend to Groupon you’ll earn $20 Groupon Bucks (after your friend buys their first Groupon). Usually the referral pay out is only $10, so you are earning 2X the norm!! But this offer is for a limited time-only until March 21st.

NOW that being said, if you have NOT signed up for Groupon yet, PLEASE sign up through my referral link here, and even if you do not see a Groupon you would like to buy today, there might be something later this week or some other time that you won't want to miss!

SO, if you sign up using my referral link, then you can check the daily deals and if/when you find one you like and you purchase it, I will get the $20 referral bonus! AND once you have signed up under my referral, you can start referring your friends as well and earning your own referral bonuses!