Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr can celebrate with $3 books...AND FREE shipping

Today is Dr Seuss's birthday and were he still alive, he would be 107 today (according to my son who just got home from preschool). To celebrate this morning, my husband read a Dr Seuss Book (If I Ran the Circus) to our first graders class, and our preschooler ate green eggs and ham and made a Dr Seuss hat. I am sure there will be more school excitement to hear about when the older kids come home!

If you are looking to celebrate, you can do so by purchasing some SWEET Dr Seuss books from Wal-Mart. Many are only $3!!! (I paid $9 each for 3 Dr Seuss books YESTERDAY...not my finest dealing moment. I needed something for Wes to read to E Dawgs class.) Anywho, this IS a great deal for Dr Seuss books, so go shop here!  Oh and friends....this deal has FREE shipping too!! SWEET!!!

Thanks for the Book deal alert Bargain Divas.