Saturday, March 19, 2011

March Madness frustrations...

Two of my favorite things are College football and college basketball. So, naturally I LOVE March Madness! Each year we, as a family fill out brackets and do a family March Madness pool (no money involved-it is all about the winning-which we all love to do). When I say we, I mean my husband and kids and I do this.

Well, I have to be honest...between the terrible feeling of late pregnancy and the fact that My Utes were not even in the tournament this year, I was not big on doing our annual game. However, Wes and I decided to go online and fill out our own brackets at least and at least play the bracket game as a couple. We filled them out and saved them and moved on with life.

Here is the frustration, when we went to check our brackets a couple days ago, somehow my bracket saved properly, and Wesley's has is gone and we cannot find it anywhere-and for the first time in 10 years, we did not print them out! EEk...frustrating!

One more thing, and DO NOT tell my brother-in-law about this, but I find it quite frustrating that I find myself cheering for BYU to win for the first time in my fact, I have them playing the final game against "THE Ohio State". It just feels wrong, but I guess all I can say is go feels particularly wrong since they are playing an personal emotional fave (Gonzaga) in this coming was tough to choose BYU (of all teams) to beat the Zags, but it had to be done...had to...

I just realized that when I said not to tell me Brother in law about this, I meant Jeremy, but as I think about it, do not tell Cody or Bret either...seriously...thanks! :)



Andrea said...

I won't tell Jeremy. . . or our Dad! :) I'm a Cougars fan this year though, so I have to say Go BYU!! ;)