Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Where oh where has Beckee's consistant posting gone?!

Oh friends...I hate to be an inconsistent blogger, but I know I have lately...I apologize profusely. I also hate excuses, but that being said, let me just tell you what I have been up to and apologize in advance for the fact that it may take a while for me to get totally back on the blogging wagon more consistently.

AS you know if you are a long time reader, I am a mom of 4, expecting our 5th, and I am due on April 5th. In case anyone is keeping close track, that means I am due 5 weeks from today. For the past 2 weeks I have been having labor pains, but nothing that is knocking me in to real labor. And let's be honest, we have all heard the stories of the women that walk around essentially laboring for weeks and we hope that will not be us...well, this time, it is me. So, to say the least, I have been quite uncomfortable not to mention HUGE...check out the pic below:

See, I am huge-and that was taken last week...I have grown...Anyway, I went in to the doctor today and apparently (for those that know the preggo language), I am dilated to a 3+ and 50% effaced, so I am moving slowly toward an early (hopefully) delivery.

On top of the baby coming and trying to get the house and everything ready, I am PTO co-President and I am trying to help with as much as I can before baby comes...I am failing miserably and my co-President and the rest of the board are doing pretty much everything!

Also this week has been the time for me to do my Taxes and pay my monthly bills...Phew!

Between all that and the fact that I cannot use the computer when my husband is working from or studying from home (which is fairly often lately), I have been a bad blogger...I am sorry and I am trying to repent! I am also trying to figure out how to blog from my smart phone better so I can use that on the go...

You can look forward to some great deals, freebies, giveaways and reviews coming your way though!! In fact, my kids cannot wait to review this awesome item we just got in the mail:

That review is coming soon!!



The Duckworth Family said...

Oh my heavens woman! I rarely get on the blog but follow through facebook. I too am 5 1/2 weeks from my due date with my 5th! I completely here you! Except I already don't know how you keep with a blog! Although I homeschool my kids so my days are pretty full with them and that keeps me from doing many other things I would like to...like having a fun blog like this! This is when you just say...Time. out...for beckee and on maternity leave until I decide! Take a break....breathe, enjoy your family and soon your new baby...time flies as I'm sure you know! Although it looks like you will come before me...funny to see us both with our fifth due within two days of eachother! Good luck with all you have to do to get ready!
Camille Duckworth

Megan said...

Beckee you are way to cute! This is the point that you give up trying to accomplish anything and just live. You'll get your body back soon. Take care and rest up.