Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yum...a bagel sounds great...or a $5.99 dozen sounds even better!!!

I LOVE bagels! LOVE them...I used to ditch class to run over and snag bagels in high school-I never got in trouble because I would come back (very late) to my classes with a couple dozen bagels for the class! My teachers actually liked me more for it I think (or maybe I imagined that). :) Either way-you could be loved by all as well and do it for less by buying your bagel dozens at Brueggers Bagels on Wednesdays! A Dozen bagels is only $5.99 on Wednesdays for a limited time.

**I got an email about this from my local Omaha Brueggers, but I think it is a national deal. However, I recommend calling your local store to see if they also have this deal before heading over for your dozen! You can find local stores using the store locator on the Brueggers Bagels website!



April said...

We don't have a Bruegger's here, but I love bagels!

Frugally Green Mom

Beckeesdeals said...

I also love sorry there are no Bruegger's where you can take advantage of this offer! I hate when that happens! :)