Monday, April 11, 2011
Hello! I feel like I should re-introduce myself after my blog silence. I guess you can call this last 13 days my maternity leave. But now I am trying to get back into the saddle so to speak. I have a few reviews to post and will try to get some actual deals and freebies up a well, but it may take a while before I am back totally. I am atul recovering, and I always forget how little sleep you get with a newborn nursing every 2-4 hours. Wow!

In case anyone is wondering, Everest is doing well and growing bigger each day. He will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. His older siblings love him like crazy! I am currently blogging from my phone, but will try to post a current picture from the laptop tomorrow.

Also, I know this blog is not a "personal blog", but I would like to thank all of you fantastic readers who have been so patient with me and have sent me so, SO many nice notes and comments. And I would like to also publicly thank all my friends who have sent dinners, treats, and helped me with my other kids. And thank you to my mom for coming to help me (and coming back later this week with my siblings and maybe my dad). And thanks to my mother-in-law and sister-in-law who are coming to town when my mom leaves! I have so much great support in our friends and family! Wes is about to start long call (14 hour over night shifts and I know I would not get through that right now without the family help and support as well as my fabulous friends herr in Omaha-my family away from home.

Ok...enough about me...hopefully there quil be some deals & reviews up tomorrow!