Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Walmart "no need to bring ads" is sooo least for me...

You may or may not be aware that Wal-mart updated their ad matching guarantee policy and coupon policy recently. I have not mentioned this to this point, but I want to say a few things about the new ad matching guarantee policy and how it has affected me locally.

First thing I want to note is that the new policy states "We do not require customers to have the ad with them to honor a competitor's ad." Many, Many bloggers are praising this new note as it makes ad matching easier to do when you do not have to bring the ads and prove each price match. Apparently at most Wal-Marts nationwide in the past it has been commonplace to have to have the ads with you before this change. That is not the case here in Omaha.

Here in Omaha, I have never before this policy change brought ads with me to price match. I just have a list with the price matches listed on it. I have never had a problem price matching like that and have only been asked to prove an ad match 2 times total (thank goodness I happened to have the ads with me both times).

Since this new policy went into effect, it has actually made price matching harder here in Omaha and has caused me to NEED my ads with me all the time. Why you ask? Well, because the checkers are supposed to be responsible to know the ad matches, so the local managers have made up basically cheat sheets of the most common ad matches from week to week for the checkers to use. This means that each time I have a price match the lovely checkers grab their list and check to see if it is listed on it. The problem there is that not all ad prices are listed-only the most common or popular ones (I have found that ends up being the front page items usually).

So, if I give a valid price match that is not on their incomplete list from the managers, the checkers will NOT believe it is valid and will NOT give the price match. So you have to get a manager over and depending on the manager, they often will also NOT match the price UNLESS you show it to them in the ad. SO...I have to have my ads with me all the time to shop now because their lists are SOOOO incomplete. It sucks...that is all.

Another note about the new policy that I hate is that they "DO NOT match the price of Competitors' private label price promotions." This means they no longer price match generic brand to generic brand. DANG! That is super frustrating...

So, is price matching at Wal Mart still worth it? Well, it is now a bigger hassle than it used to be, but it is still a bigger hassle to price match at Target (since I have to go to customer service to check out with price matches there). So, yes, I will continue to price match at Walmart as it saves me so much money, but I will also continue to complain to the managers and corporate at Walmart about how their new policy has had the opposite effect they wanted.

I also will continue to keep my ads in my diaper bag just in case and I will make sure to keep a copy of the ad matching guarantee policy and the coupon policy with me as well. I recommend you also print out the policies and keep them with you.

Have any of you had similar problems or is this just me?