Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Free lettuce wraps at P.F. Chang's anyone?!

Oh how I love the P.F. Chang's Lettuce good! They remind me of GNO's with Rockbrook ward back during medical school...
Anyway, if you go like P.F. Chang's on Facebook, you can print a coupon for free lettuce wraps. Check out their last status update about it:

FREE Lettuce Wraps are here! Look for the link that says FREE Lettuce Wraps under our photo. They will be available to print for the rest of the month, so there is no rush to print them today. We are expereincing a lot of traffic to the site this morning. If you are getting a blank page, we are looking into any errors, and please try again. The app will also not be visible on mobile devices.
Sounds good to me!