Thursday, July 7, 2011

I made cupcakes to save money...

I don't like a lot of sweets and in fact rarely like cake or ice cream. But I have a weakness-I am a sucker for a fancy well made cupcake, and I have been known to scout out expensive, trendy, yummy cupcake spots all over the country. I have been known to pay $3-$6 for a single is not frugal but it is SO good.
I made a decision yesterday and chose to try to make my very first homemade, from scratch cupcakes of my life. I did not expect the high quality of the Fancy shops on the first try, but I hoped to get the flavors I wanted and maybe a recipe I could improve in the future.

I prepared by reading a LOT of recipes online for cupcakes and frosting as I could not find exactly what I wanted. So, I knew I was going to have to wing it a little-yes I said wing it for my first try at from scratch cupcakes.

I wanted to make a chocolate (fresh) raspberry cupcake with a nutella (chocolate hazelnut) cream cheese frosting. I combined recipes and researched and did all I could do. I went and got the ingredient and Guess what? I did it! I made my cupcakes. See:

They were met by mixed reviews from the kids (2 liked them, 2 did not):

But I liked them:

They were not perfect and could probably use some tweaking on the recipe, but they stopped me from going and spending $40 on a dozen. AND now in the future I feel more confident that I can make a good cupcake at home-I am sure I will get better as I practice more...who knows maybe someday you will see me on Cupcake Wars (haha).



Rochelle said...

OK, so I don't know what they tasted like, but, my heck, they look DELICIOUS. Wish you could teleport one here!