Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ned a good kids meal deal tonight? Check out IHOP and Fazoli's.

I am 20 minutes late for a playgroup and it is my son's birthday so he cannot wait to get there, but I wanted to post a couple reminders of some kids meal deals going on. I took both of the following pictures myself this week:

In case you cannot view-they are to let you know that Fazoli's (in Omaha at least-call your local store to make sure they participate) has kids night on Tuesdays (read tonight) from 5-8pm. That means with each adult meal, 2 kids can eat kids meals for $.99 each.

The second picture is a reminder that IHOP (in Omaha-again, check your local store) has Kids Eat Free every day from 4-10 pm. Theirs is one kid eats free for each adult meal purchased!