Thursday, July 7, 2011

Possible salads free from Noodles & Company

**Local readers-please note that on their website it says there shirts are "while supplies last, with the exception of Tennessee, Nebraska, St. Louis & Columbia, MO" I don't actually think our Noodles & Company store has salads at all, thus no shirts? That is my guess anyway...sorry)***

I am not sure whether you can read that, but it says that Noodles & Company is giving away 50-10 degrees of Salad shirts at the opening of their stores this morning (that is 50 PER store). You can read more about what this is and how it works here.

I got this in an email and it appears to be a nationwide event for Noodles & Company (with the exception of Nebraska-BOO, Tennessee, St Louis & Columbia, MO), but I would call your local store and see if they are participating or go in right at 10:30 when they open and see if they are participating and whether you can score a shirt! Best of luck and let me know if you get a shirt-I would be happy to be one of the friends you pass it on to! :)