Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Review: NUK Electric Breast Pump LOVE!

I love to save a buck. But I also love to have high quality items. In my many years on earth, and my few years as a mommy, I have realized that there are some brands and items that I am quite picky about. Though I have tried many kinds of diapers, there is one brand I am particularly fond of. Other diapers are good, but these ones are, in my opinion GREAT! And I only want to use "GREAT" on my baby.

One of the brands I have always loved and come back to again and again when I have strayed in the past, is NUK! NUK binkies and bottles have long since been a favorite in our home. The NUK binkies were the ONLY binky 3 of my 5 kids would even take. So, I am so happy to be able to tell you about the new NUK collection. It is called the Trendline Collection and has fresh, new pacifier designs that, as they say "merge reliable NUK function with style. The designs extend to bottles and Learner Cups, offering parents an expansion of oral care and feeding products that can coordinate, mix and match with interchangeable parts. Designs include Dots and Whimsy."

The collection includes the following items: the NUK Ultimate Cup Line (Now the Learning System Cup Line) available in new designs like Fireworks or Frogs, the NUK Easy Flow Single Electric Breast Pump, the Easy Go Folding Bowl, and the NUK Orthodontic Gift Set (which has all the essentials, including 3 of the brand’s signature NUK Orthodontic wide neck nipples, 3 bottles, 2 pacifiers and a pacifier retainer clip, all set in a gift-able box). Here are some pics of some of these great items:

What is it?

I had the opportunity to review the wonderful NUK Easy Flow Single Electric Breast Pump. Let me tell you some things about this pump. From them:

This compact hand-held design offers a rhythm that mimics baby’s sucking, suction strength control, a sensor that turns off the device when the tilt angle is over 65 degrees and a flexible ergonomic Optiform breast shield for optimal comfort.

Here are a few pictures of the pump I got:

What did I think?

Well, the title of this post says it all: LOVE it! I am a stay at home mom and I RARELY leave the kids with babysitters, especially the babies. However, there are some things I need to attend where a baby is not ok to bring along. Recently one of those events came up. I had never left my baby Everest (or as the kids want to call him, E pup). He solely breastfed and would get hungry while I was away. I could not leave my poor sister-in-law and brother-in-law empty handed. So, I whipped out the pump to give it a try. I was dreading this as other pumps I have had over the years have made me quite sore or have been hard for me to suction on. I had never tried an electric pump and most of my friends had told me the electric pumps hurt. I was nervous to try it, but I did.

First thing I want to point out is that the shape of the breast shield is such that is does not gouge into me and was easy to suction on. I plugged in the pump (though I could also have used batteries). It was funny because it was suctioned on and I could feel a suction, but it did not hurt or feel like it was doing anything really. So I complained to my husband that I didn't think it was working. This was about a minute into starting the pump, and he said "Um...I am looking at it from a different angle obviously because I can actually see the milk flowing out, and there is already quite a bit in the bottle." So, I pulled it off to look and sure enough there was already a lot of milk pumped. I was able to fill the bottle really rapidly and without pain. It was quick and easy-what I would have given for this thing back when I was a working mom trying to pump!

All the new NUK stuff is super cute and I LOVED the breast pump. Next time you are looking for baby stuff, keep your eyes out for this new line-I think you will really like it!

***Disclaimer: This review was made possible by NUK and by Coyne PR. I was given a free Breast pump for me to try for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was given, and as always all opinions expressed are my own!