Tuesday, October 25, 2011

foldflop Review

I love shoes! LOVE them and frankly a lot of them hurt my feet but are too cute to pass up. Because I do not work and I am a stay at home mom, I do not often have the chance to show off my favorite shoes, so I spend MOST of my time in flip flops and tennis shoes (easy and functional). However, when I get the chance, I whip out the high heels and the tight fitting beauties!

I remember in January when I was pregnant, my husband's department had their holiday party (they always do it after the crazy holiday time is over). We had not been out in a long time and it was at a nice restaurant so I decided to really dress up and despite the snow, I wore my cute 5 inch heeled suede boots. LOVE them! Sadly, I sorely underestimated how busy downtown Omaha would be that night and how far I would have to park and walk. It was terrible and before I even hit the party my feet were killing me! What I would have given at that moment for a pair of flip flops!

That story is the reason I was so excited to get the chance to review foldflops!

What is it?

Here is a bit about foldflops directly from their press release:

Foldflops introduce the new concept of compact, mobile comfort to flip-flop footwear offering a patented “unfold and go” hinge technology. Protection and relief unfold in a flash for times when feet need it most and can be neatly stowed away at a moment’s notice!

Waterproof and UV-resistant, foldflops are developed for continued wear, giving them a sporty yet stylish edge. Unlike disposable or flimsy foldable shoes, foldflops are constructed with flexible and ultra cushioning, custom molded, high quality EVA. Foldflops’ high-level comfort features include a porous edged topsole to resist dirt and sweat, a ridged outsole to minimize slip, and a cushioned inset to maximize foot and arch support. They’ve thought of everything!

What did I think?

I have not had the opportunity to test them out "in the field" so to speak, but I am sure these would fit into a medium-big purse. I tested to see if they would fit into my pockets (ignore the fact I am a mess in the photo):

They do fit, but obviously I look a bit silly with them in my pockets. I do like how they look and fit on my feet though:
These could be really nice to throw in a gym bag to change into after a sweaty workout or throw in a purse for a long night on the town (that would have saved me back in January).

***Please note: This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. I was given the above mentioned product to facilitate this review and as always, thoughts are my own.***