Monday, October 24, 2011

Renuzit Holiday Fresh Accents Review and #GIVEAWAY!! Ends 11/11

Friends, I have 5 smelly kids that live with me...they are messy and dirty because they play hard! They make a lot of smelly laundry and dishes that I am not always caught up on (sad but true admission). So, my house doesn't always smell great. It's just true.

However, I make a huge effort to make my house smell nice and I am glad for all the help I can get. My favorite thing to do to make my house smell great is to bake cookies, but when I do that all the time I find I gain mucho weight!! MUCHO! So, I look to my second favorite way to make it smell nice-air fresheners! LOVE them! But I am super picky about them too! I figure if I am making my house smell like something it better be something I love! Which is one of the reasons my favorite time of year is fall through Christmas. That is the time my mom would always bring out all the fall/winter decorations and there were a few of them that smelled AWESOME!

When I look for air fresheners of any kind, I am always trying to find those smells that brings me back home! I love them. I rarely find just what I am looking for, but I am pleased to tell you that when I picked up my new Renuzit Holiday Fresh Accent scent, I FOUND ONE OF MY SMELLS!!!

I was transported back home with my family! The new Winter Berry is just like a wonderful wreath we had growing up! I love it! It has the perfect wintry berry smell with just a hint of Christmas tree. Though the Festive Snow scent was not a nostalgic one for me, it is equally awesome! It smells fresh and sort of like fresh laundered linens.

You can tell I like the smells, no? But that is not the only sweet thing here-they are cute! You can totally display these and they would look great! In fact the snowflake designs on the holders look awesome with the sun shining through them. I am really enjoying these cute and wonderfully smelling Renuzit Fresh Accents Holiday Air Fresheners.

The BEST news is that I have 3 (yes 3) FREE coupons to share with you guys! So enter to win one of the 3 free coupons below on the Rafflecopter form:

Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter the giveaway! But first, a few tips to enter on Rafflecopter:
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  • It takes just a minute to load up.
  • If you don’t see the form, or if the form you see is for the wrong giveaway, try clicking on the blog post title! That should refresh it to the correct form! (If not, shoot me an email and I will try to help figure out what is going on
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  • The first entry will ask you to comment on this blog so if you come back another day and are unsure whether you have entered, you will be able to check the post comments for your name.

As the form says, Please note that the giveaway will end on 11/11/11 at 12:01 AM EASTERN time. That means you have until 11:01 PM on 11/10 Central time to get in entries.  Please note that winner will be picked at random by Rafflecopter after the giveaway ends! I will mail the coupons to winners but cannot be held responsible for the mail system should there be a problem. Sorry...wish I could control that darn mail system!

***Please note that Renuzit brand provided free samples of Fresh Accents
air freshener for this post. My participation is voluntary and my
opinions, as always, are my own. Also note Facebook has nothing to do with this giveaway other than it is a option to like my page there as an extra entry!***



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