Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My #Chex "Mix-Change" Party!! Thanks #MyGetTogether

Thanks to Chex and MyGetTogether, I was able to have a Chex "Mix-change" party last Saturday! It was a twist up on the usual holiday cookie exchange parties!

Though I invited a lot of people, few were able to make it (darn holiday season is so busy)! Those of us there had a great time though and tried LOTS of different kinds of Chex Mix. Let me share some of the pictures from the party with you, but first may I recommend that you go check out the Chex Mix recipes here. I tried all 5 of the ones listed there for my party (plus a few more), and I liked all of them! See the pictures of them below!!

Here are a few pictures of the party (Please note that for some reason when I uploaded them they all went out of order and will not work right...sorry):

Ready for guests to decorate and fill with their favorite Chex Mix!
 The "Mix-Change" box starting to fill up!!
 Taste Test
 Loading up the bowl!!
 Boxes packed and ready to go with recipes and all at the end.
 Ready to go!
 Original Chex Mix (I love it!)
 Caramel Chocolate Drizzle
 Chex Pumpkin Pie Crunch
Hot Buttered Yum Chex Mix (This one has lots of Rum flavoring-it's good) 
 Chex PB And Chocolate Blast
 It was hard to keep the kids out of the bowls...
 Choosing favorites! From Left to right: E Dawg loves the Hot Buttered Yum best, Cat likes the Original best, Sugar Pup & Salsa like the Caramel Chocolate Drizzle best.

I loved this party and it gave me the opportunity to tell lots of friends about all the options for Chex Mix you can use through this holiday season! I LOVE that Chex Mix ix so versatile! You really can do so much with it! Do you have a favorite Chex Mix recipe you could share? PLEASE leave it as a comment if you do! I would love, LOVE to try your recipes!!

Thanks to Chex and MyGetTogether for allowing me to host such a fun party!