Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Halloween Freaky dinner

So, I promised you that I would share my spooky Halloween dinner. I did not yet. Whoops. I will tell you though it was awesome.

We ate Monster meatloaf, Ghost mashed potatoes, Jello Worms, and Goblin toes (fried pickles). It was a delightful meal if I do say so myself! Here are a few pictures taken by my handsome husband:

And of course Wes (my handsome husband) could not help but take the parts of his meal and make a creepy monster man out of them:

It was a fun and yummy meal! I L.O.V.E making theme holiday meals! Yumm-O!
If you would like to know how I made any or all parts of this meal, comment or shoot me ane email. If there is enough interest I will post it on here-otherwise I will just respond to individual requests. I just don't want to spend the time to type it all out unless it is something you WANT (since it is a deals blog after all not a recipe one).