Friday, December 16, 2011

Send FREE Missionary Letters to MTC (My Sister is there!!)

I am a member of the Church if Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and my baby sister just entered the missionary training center for our church. When boys and girls in our church go on missions, they cannot call us, they can only email parents and siblings (I think) and that only happens for a short amount of time, once a week. So, we communicate through old fashioned snail mail letters.

I am THE WORST at mailing letters, so yesterday my mom told me about a website,, she had heard of that will print out and hand deliver your typed up letter to your missionary in the MTC (Missionary Training Center) or in Pouch Missions for FREE! YEAH!! I can type up my letter and they will print it, stuff it, and deliver it to her at noon that day (or the next day if I write it after noon).

I have already sent one letter, and I will be actually mailing another one today full of pictures of and by my kids, but this is a fantastic FREE way to send out some love to missionaries in the MTC.

(By the Way They also have packages you can buy to send, but obviously those are not free)

My sister JUST entered the MTC on Wednesday-we have not even heard from her yet! But I know that Christmas will be a little lonely without family for her, so if anyone knows Melanie and would write her a quick note of love and support, I would REALLY appreciate it! Email me at and I will send you her MTC address!

***I realize I have many readers from different backgrounds and different religious beliefs. But I also know I have many readers of my same faith, and this website/service was too neat not to share. So please forgive me if it does not apply to you. Thanks!***