Monday, February 7, 2011

FREE Baby Carrier

Seven Slings is running a special promotion-go now, quanitites are limited!  You can receive a FREE baby carrier, you just pay shipping (which is appx. $12).  The baby carriers are normally $36-$48-so this is a great value!!!  Just go to and click Shop now.  Enter the size and design you want.  At checkout put the code "CUPID" in the promo code box!  You can buy more than one, you just have to order one at a time and close your browser window between purchases.  These are great for yourself or for a gift for a new Mom!  Go get it now!! 

HOT Barnes & Noble Groupon!!! Go, Go NOW!

This Groupon deal is SOOO awesome and I cannot believe it is still going on!

It costs $10 for a $20 Barnes and Noble Gift Card. It can be used online or in store at Barnes and Noble so you can get it wherever you live!!

To get this deals first, Go join Groupon through my referral link here (please!), then go get that deal here. Fantastic!!! Who knows how long this will be going on! Go get it!!

(As always-read the fine print of this offer before you buy just to be sure you can use it before it expires or whatever!)


Temple Grandin

This is not a sponsored post-just my own opinion on something I think is worth your time!  :)

I have a new hero-her name is Temple Grandin.  Some of you may have heard of her, some of you may not.  She is the most accomplished and well-known adult with high functioning autism in the world.  She not only graduated from college, but she also has a Master of Science in Animal Science, and a PhD in Animal Science.  She is currently a professor at Colorado State University.  My husband and I recently watched the movie "Temple Grandin" (starring Claire Danes, she won an Emmy for this role) and it is truly inspiring.  It was fascinating to see life through Temple Grandin's eyes-it gives great insight into the mind of someone who has autism.  This film does a great job of showing not only the struggles of having autism, but the gifts as well.  It also shows how important it is to be surrounded by caring people who know how to strenghten your talents.  I think it's a great film and anyone who knows anyone with Autism (I bet you know someone) should watch it!  Go check out her website as well,  It's very interesting and has tons of good information.  I am fascinated with this woman and want to learn more about her and her life (and her Mom, what an incredible woman in her own right)!  Anyway, go check out the movie, you won't regret it!


UPDATE P&G will go live @ 11 am Central time (18 minutes)

Apparently today P&G Everyday Solutions will be doing something big on Facebook. Check out the newly updates status they posted about an hour ago:
tick tock....tick tock...Let the official countdown begin! You don't want to miss the P&G Everyday Solutions FANTABULOUS Give-a-way for fans ONLY! Spread the word now! Check back at noon EST!!!!
So, if you want in on the excitements, go like them here and keep an eye out for the big surprise-it's at 11 central time,,,you have a few minutes to prepare!!


FREE Red Box Rental TODAY ONLY!! (Monday 2/7)

Today's Free Movie Monday Red Box code is: FEB7MOVIE. Go use that and enjoy a free family night movie on Red Box!


FREE $2 Mp3 credit on Amazon!!

This is pretty much awesome! You can get a $2 Mp3 credit on Amazon for Valentine's Day! Just Go here and click on Redeem a gift card or promotion code. Then enter promo code: VDAYMP3S

Thanks A Few Short Cuts.


My Favorite SuperBowl commercials...

Here are my Top 5 (ok there are 6 with Salsa's pick) favorite Super Bowl commercials in order starting with my very favorite!! Enjoy:
1. Pepsi Max Love Hurts:

This one made me laugh out loud for a long time!!!

2. Teleflora Flowers:

SO, you sent that? My Heart told me to. HAHAHA

3. Volkswagon Darth Vader:

Can you even imagine how much my boys LOVE this and how much they are walking around today trying to use the force?!

4. The E Trade Baby and Enzo the tailor:

Good one!

5. The Beiber/Ozzie Best Buy:

What's a Beiber?!

6. Coke Seige:

This one was my daughter's favorite and she would be really upset if I forget it on this post!

So, what were your favorites?!


FREE RedBox codes when you send Valentine's

This is pretty awesome! If you Go to the RedBox FB page here and send a Virtual Valentine, Redbox will include a Free One Night DVD Rental to your Friends!! Looks husband will be getting this for Valentine's Day! :)

Talk about a frugal ney, FREE date! Now if I can find/get some free food...

Thanks Mojo Savings.


P&G Everyday Solutions: FB surprise today...

Apparently today P&G Everyday Solutions will be doing something big on Facebook. Check out the status they posted the other day:
LOVE the excitement I'm seeing about Monday's P&G Everyday Solutions Facebook special offer! Keep spreadin' the word! Is it a coupon? NO! Is it a sample? NO! Is it worth over $100.00? YES! YES! YES!
So, if you want in on the excitements, go like them here and keep an eye out for the big surprise.

(I will warn you, people ara already on the site waiting and getting pissed off...There is no time listed for the surprise so I am just hoping to catch it when it comes. I am taking this low key...If you hear about this coming up, please let me know. If it is anything like the last few FB things, I will be dropping off or picking up at preschool RIGHT as it goes live an miss it.)