Saturday, February 26, 2011

A couple of GREAT wins this week...

I know it is not WINSday, but I won a couple of things this week, that I was SOOOO excited about that I had to tell you about them!!

First, I won a Posh Lily $25 Gift Card from Because Cheaper is Better. Oh my gosh-have any of you checked out Posh Lily?! There are SUPER cute little girl items there and I am a sucker for those cute homemade items!

Want to know what I chose to spend my $25 on?! I chose the Olivia Combo, the Beautiful and Elegant Sky Blue Rhinestone Flower Hair Tie and the Gorgeous and FUN Butterfly Clippie. See the Olivia collection below:

Another giveaway I won this morning made me totally freak out (in a good way)! WHen I entered it last night I said to my husband, "Well, I promise I will not win this one because I really, REALLY want it!" Imagine my excitement this morning when I checked my email to find I HAD won the Tillen Farms VIP Sampler from Learning to be Thrifty.

Can I say that when we lived in Spokane, Washington I fell madly in love with all the family farms and fresh foods! I so miss and adore going and grabbing fresh yummy produce so easily there! Not that we cannot get fresh foods here in Omaha, but there are just not that many farms that sell their foods directly (and really what I get to buy here is corn and pumpkins...)

Anyway, Tillen Farms "works closely with select farmers in Washington State’s agriculturally rich Yakima Valley where the unique climate produces world class fruits and veggies". They clean, trim, steam and rapidyl chill the produce then can them and send them out to us! I am seriously SOOO excited to get this.

Check out the VIP Sampler I will be getting:

Now is your mouth watering as much as mine?!

BTW...I am now up to 27 wins since 1/16/11. 

I am sure this week will be a low week though because I have not entered any new giveaways today and I will not be on the computer again today (well probably not as my husband is on call and will likely need exclusive access to the computer when he returns from the hospital).


Thirty One Gifts Thermal Tote WINNER!!!

First, Thank you so much Kelly for sponsoring this great giveaway! Please make sure to contact her if you want to order any Thirty One Gifts items!!

I used to generate a winner in the Thirty One Gifts Thermal Totes giveaway. I had 151 entries and chose entry #144 which was nantz24 (April).

144. nantz24 said...
Request sent to follow you on Twitter.

February 25, 2011 6:09 PM

Congrats April!!!

I have emailed April and she has 48 hours to get back to me (If you are April and did not get my email, please check your spam folder or email me at beckeesdeals AT gmail DOT com)!


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Gilt Oscar Sign Up Campaign - Sponsored Post
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