Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Silk for Milk 10-day challenge-who wants to join me?!

I once had a terrible milk experience with a school lunch as a child (I still cannot talk about it and to this day get the chills thinking back). It was gross. After that, I would not drink milk for YEARS-I am talking like 20 years. However, when I got pregnant for the first time with my Salsa, I CRAVED milk like crazy, and have been a milk drinker since then.

I have been a big milk drinker. I still don;t really like it, but I often crave it. After Salsa was born 8+ years ago, fast forward 6 years and 3 more kids. Our little baby girl Cat was just transitioning from nursing to milk and it was not going well to say the least. To make a long story short, we found out she was totally lactose intolerant, and we started our quest for the perfect cow's milk alternative for her.

We found it-she LOVED Silk milk. More specifically, she LOVES Silk Very Vanilla milk. I only gave the Silk Milk to Cat and the rest of the family has stuck to cows milk. Well, I actually also liked the flavor and texture of the Silk milk better than I have ever liked Cow's milk, but I reserved the Silk milk for Cat.

Well, now here we are 2 years later, and through my association as a BzzAgent on,
I get the chance to take a challenge from Silk! I get to try the Silk for Milk 10-day challenge!

Here is the 411 on how it all works: It is simple, just replace your milk with Silk for 10 days and see (to quote Silk) "how easy it is to enjoy wholesome, plant-based nutrition".

And guess what?! There are 13 different yummy varieties of Silk, and they are within 3 different kinds of milk: Soy Milk, Almond Milk, and Coconut Milk. I have tried the soy and almond, but have not had the chance to try coconut-I cannot wait!

So, are you excited to try the challenge with me yet?! Go here to the Silk website and read about the challenge! Then (and this is a favorite part for me) click here to sign up for the challenge and to get a COUPON for your first carton of Silk!

I will keep you updated on my challenge here on the blog-I will be starting tomorrow! Anyone starting with me?!


Wordless Wednesday: Beauty (she is growing up!!)

Wow, she looks so grown up to her momma!!


Suave Full size Freebie coming 3/24...mark your calendar!

I am sure this will be one of those Facebook Freebies you have to get right when it goes live, so I wanted to give you a heads up about it (But it looks like they are giving a lot away-so this one is probably worth trying for!!)!

Next Thursday (March 24) the first 200,000 fans to visit the Suave Beauty Page on Facebook will be able to request a FREE full size bottle of Suave Professionals! I am excited to try for this one!!

Thanks Save the Coupons.


Beckee's Best of Omaha Grocery 3/16-3/22

Here are my favorite deals in Omaha grocery this week:

  • Hy Vee Cottage Cheese 12 oz $.69
  • Hy Vee Mac N Cheese 4/$1
  • Fresh Asparagus $1.48/lb
  • Boneless Chuck Roast $2.97/lb
  • Prego Past Sauce 23.5-24 oz $1.58
  • Kraft Natural Cheeses (shredded, chunk, cubes, crumbles or cracker cuts) 5-9.6 oz 2/$3 (with in ad coupon)
In addition to their regular week long special, Hy Vee also has a 4 Days of Savings Sale Wednesday 3/16-Saturday 3/19 that includes the following:

  • 20 Pack (note 20 NOT 24) Coke Products $3.99 with in ad coupon (FYI-this cannot be pricematched at local Omaha Walmarts as they do not carry this products)
  • Mission Tortilla Chips 13 oz $1.99
No Frills Fresh
  • Farmland Whole Boneless Ham $1.59/lb (and they will slice it for free!)
  • General Mills Cereal (8.9 oz Cheerios, 10.7 oz Trix, 11.8 oz Cocoa Puffs or 12 oz Golden Grahams) $1.68
  • Our Family (generic) canned beans (15 oz- chili, light of dark kidney beans) $.48
  • Skinner Pasta 16 oz $.88
Bag N Save
  • Our Family (generic) 18 ct Large Eggs $1.19
  • Braeburn Apples $.79/lb
  • Cottonelle Bath Tissue 12 ct Double Rolls $5.77
  • Avocados $.99 each
  • El Monterey Taquitos or Tamales 21-24 oz $4.99
In addition to their regular week long special, Bag N Save also has a 3 Day Sale Friday 3/18-Sunday 3/20 that includes the following:
  • Rotella Vienna Bread $.99
  • Eggo Waffles 9-12 oz 2/$3
Baker's (Remember their sales are almost always WITH card)
  • Dillons (generic) Large Eggs dozen $.99
  • Lay's Potato Chips 10.5-13.7 oz $1.99
  • Kroger Ground Chuck $1.99/lb (sold in 3 lb roll for $5.97)
  • Kroger Value packs Boneless, Skinless CHicken Breasts or Thighs (fresh) $1.79/lb
  • Coke 2 L $.89
  • American Beauty Pasta 12-16 oz $.49
  • Quaker Quakes Rice Snacke $.99
  • Capri Sun or Kool Aid Jammers $1.40
In addition to their regular week long special, Bakers also has a 1 Day Slam Dunk Sale Friday 3/18 that includes the following:
  • 7 Up Or Dr Pepper Product 2 L $.88
  • Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns 8 ct (Bakers/generic) $.88
  • Wholly Guacamole (YUM) BOGO (cannot price match that)
  • Lay's Potato Chips 10.5-13.7 oz $1.77
  • Dillons Chocolate Milk gallon $1.99

  • Bananas $.39/lb
  • Red Potatoes 5 lb bag $.99 ($.20/lb)
  • Yellow Onions 3 lb bag $.99 ($.33/lb)
Super Saver
  • Fresh Celery $.57 each
  • Best Choice (generic) shredded cheese 8 oz $1.18
  • Doritos 11.5-13.87 oz $1.98
  • Pepsi Products 24 packs $4.78 (this is a FANTASTIC deal-best I have seen in a long time!!!) (limit 2)
  • Roma Tomatoes $.76/lb
  • Pillsbury All Purpose Flour 5 lb $.98
  • Ragu Pasta Sauce 26 oz 2/$3
  • Barilla Pasta 13.25-16 oz $.98
  • Banquet Pot Pies 7 oz 2/$1
In addition to their regular week long special, Super Saver also has a Weekend Sale Friday 3/18-Sunday 3/20 that includes the following:
  • Pepsi Product 2 L 4/$3 (wyb 4-limit of 4) (This is only $.75 each and can be price matched!)
  • Land O Lakes Sour Cream or dips 16 oz $.97
  • Nabisco Snack Crackers 8-10 oz $1.78 (My local Walmarts both have a coupon for $1/2 Nabisco Crackers right now-the coupons are just on the displays and you can  use them with this price match to get them this makes the boxes only $1.28 each, so look for the peelie coupon where you shop an dhopefully you will luck out and get one!!)
  • Sunkist Navel Oranges $.56/lb
  • Roberts Cottage Cheese 24 oz $1.88
  • KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce 17-18 oz $.99
  • Tostitos Chips (all varieties except baked) 4/$9 ($2.25 each)
  • All Natural Bone In Chicken Breast $.99/lb
  • Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (3 lb frozen Bag) $5.99
***Remember that I generally just price match at Walmart as much as I can rather than go to all the stores separately! I LOVE being able to do that. You can also pricematch at Target, but I find it easier to pricematch at Walmart.


Review: Orange Flavored Carmex Moisture Plus lip Balm! Good Stuff!!

I told you all a long time ago that I was chosen to be a part of the Carmex® Blog Squad. In fact, one of my first giveaways was for some Carmex® Lip tints.

Well, I as a member of the Carmex® Blog Squad I was chosen recently to participate in a trial of their new Orange flavored Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm. I was SOOO excited to get chosen, and since my lip balm came a few days ago, I have been inseparable from it! I L.O.V.E. it!! All the fantastic moisture and awesome feeling on my lips of the Carmex products I have come to know and love along with this perfect little orange flavor! Yum! I am loving it and loving how my lips feel with it on!!

If you are looking for a great lip balm with a fun flavor, be on the lookout for this Orange flavored Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm! It is good stuff!

***I should note that I did not receive monetary compensation for this post and all opinions are my own! I really love this product! I Did receive a free sample as pictures above.***