Monday, May 2, 2011 he (finally) got his name...

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you are likely aware of how picky I am with naming my children. I have crazy rules about how unique they must be. (To read all about the details of my rules, see the post here.)

Basically, all of my kids have one "unique" name (as defined by my rules for naming my kids). They also each have a family name. I shared with you the stress I was having in trying to choose a name for my new baby. I always have the hardest time with finding a unique boy name that is not too weird. And lets be honest, I am apparently not good at coming up with the best unique names anyway. I tend to chose names that seem unique or at least lesser used only to find that the names are actually on the list of the top 1000 SSA names or they are listed as more popular on other baby naming sites like I told you my favorite boy name was Sawyer, and it is 202 on the most popular list-seriously go look and see.

So, with this new baby (who BTW is a month old already!) I was struggling naming him. My husband and I discussed baby's name a lot. However, at some point my husband told me that I was going to name this child because he did not want to hear forever that he named all the kids. But as I mentioned, I do not pick unique as well as I thought I would. I tend to pick "gaining popularity" type names instead. Wes however is awesome at choosing unique names. So, he is the one that comes up with the names. I just basically have to chose the one I like.

This time, I had to make the final decision. My favorite name, as usual, fell into the "gaining popularity" category (Sawyer), and the other 3 names we liked that I was choosing between were Rockwell, Everest, & Kanell. Please don't mock my choices-I am sensitive.

In the end I went with Everest. It was not listed on ssa's list, but I was surprised to find it was listed on My other kids names are not ever even listed, but Everest was listed. I really think it must be because of Mt Everest that it is listed at all though. If you go look, Everest is listed as "not ranked" and "rare".

In the end, I am happy with the choice I made. As a friend noted to Wes, Mt Everest is the highest mountain peak in the world, and surely our little Everest will also rise to the highest heights! We gave him a lot to live up to, but what a grand name it is!! Our friend said she was sure he would live up to his name. Here's to hoping! Doesn't he look like an Everest to you?

I think so, but that's just me!