Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beckee's Best of Omaha Grocery 5/11-5/17

Here are my favorite deals in Omaha grocery this week:

  • Hy Vee 100% Natural Skinless Boneless Chicken Breast $1.88
  • Yoplait Yogurt 4 or 6 oz 10/$4 ($.40 each)
  • Pillsbury Cake Mix $.88
  • Pillsbury Frosting 2/$3
  • Hy Vee Tortilla Chips 13.5-13.6 oz $1.28
  • Red Ripe Strawberries $2.28
  • Always Pads or Tampax Tampons 20-48 ct $5.48
  • Huggies Jumbo Pack 12-50 Ct $8.97
In addition to their regular week long special, Hy Vee also has a 4 Days of Savings Sale Wednesday 5/11--Saturday 5/14 that includes the following:

  • 1 lb Bananas FREE (with in ad coupon-max value $.69)
  • Potato, Macaroni, or Spring Salad or Cole Slaw 3 lb tub $4.99 (that is about $1.67/lb)
AND In addition to all those specials, Hy Vee also has a Friday the 13th Sale Friday 5/13 (my little girls 3rd birthday) that includes the following:

  • 7-Up Product 6 pack half liter bottles 6/$10 (or about $1.67 each)
  • Edy's Ice Cream 1.5 Quart $1.99
  • Mars Candy standard size 3/$1
  • Suave Shampoo or Conditioner 22.5 Fl oz $.99
  • Peter Pan Peanut Butter 3 packs are $2.97 (48.9 oz-like paying $.99 each jar)
  • Purex 150 fl oz $3.99
No Frills Fresh
  • Boneless Pork Ribeye Chops or Roast $1.88/lb
  • Orville Reddenbacher's 3-4 pack microwave popcorn 2/$2 with in ad coupon
  • Our Family Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast 3 lb $5.99 with in ad coupon
  • El Monterey Taquitos, mini CHimis or Tamales 21-24 oz $4.99
  • Cucumber $.39 each
In addition to their regular week long special, No Frills Fresh also has a 3 Day Sale Friday 5/13-Sunday 5/15 that includes the following:

  • Our Family Ice Cream $3.98 (140 oz)
  • Bar S Jumbo Franks $.88 16 oz
In addition to their regular week long specials, No Frills at Baker's Square (132nd and Center) also additional deals all week that includes the following:
  • 5% discount on entire order for Senior Citizens "55 or better"
  • Spring Hill Brand Bacon 16 oz $1.99
  • 24 oz No Frills White Sandwich Bread $.69 with in ad coupon
  • 7 Up, Dr Pepper or Sunkist product 6 pack half liter bottles $.98 with in ad coupon ($1.98 without)
Bag N Save
  • Our Family Cheese 8 oz shredded or chunk $.99 (limit 6)
  • Van Camp's Pork and Beans 15 oz $.19 (with in ad coupon)
  • Extra Large Mangos $.88
  • Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding 4 ct $.59 with in ad coupon (my new snack love...)
  • Pam cooking Spray 6 oz $1.99 with in ad coupon
  • Banquet Family Entrees $1.69 with in ad coupon
In addition to their regular week long special, Bag N Save also has a 3 Day Sale Friday 5/13-Sunday 5/15 that includes the following:

  • Shasta Canned pop 12/$1.99
  • Our Family American Singles $.99 
Baker's (Remember their sales are almost always WITH card)
  • Pepsi product 2 L Buy 4 (at $1.25) get 2 free
  • Capri Sun or Kool Aid Jammers $1.40 with qualifying purchase of 10 participating items (there are many items)
  • Artichokes 10/$10
  • Little Salad Bar 12 oz garden salad bag $.49
  • Grape Tomaoes 10 oz clam shell $.99
  • Multi colored Peppers 3 pack $1.79
  • Mushrooms 8 oz package $.79
Super Saver
  • Strawberries 11 lb flat $9.77 (Starts FRIDAY while supplies last)
  • Dozen Eggs large $.99
  • Coke Product 24 packs $5.38 (limit 2)
In addition to their regular week long special, Super Saver also has a Weekend Sale Friday 5/13-Sunday 5/15 that includes the following:

  • Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts 3 lb $4.98
  • Coke 2 L $.88
  • Strawberries $.99/lb
  • Green Giant 10 lb russett potaotes $1.99
In addition to their regular week long special, Fareway also has a 2 Day Sale Friday 5/13-Saturday 5/14 that includes the following:

  • Ruffles Chips $1.78
  • Seedless Watermelon $2.88 each
  • Coke Product 2 L $.78
***Remember that I generally just price match at Walmart as much as I can rather than go to all the stores separately! I LOVE being able to do that. You can also pricematch at Target, but I find it easier to pricematch at Walmart.


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Scrubbing Bubbles Facebook Giveaway sometime today...

Sometime today Scrubbing Bubbles (on their facebook page) will be giving away some awesome goodies. Scrubbing Bubbles are my favorite cleaners!! The time for the giveaway is not released, but they posted this status update last week:
Free 4 Fans Hint: What day did Minnesota join the Union? Brush up on your U.S. history to pin point when our next freebie day will happen! Wink, wink – history's easier to digest in the first half of the day…

The answer to when Minnesota joined the Union on 5/11/1858.

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Wordless Wednesday: Cat and Little House on the Prarie

OK Mostly wordless Wednesday...

Last night we went for a walk and there is a fun little grassy hill there at the lake. My little Cat came running down and I could not help but think of Little House on the I the only one?!


FREE mp3 Download (for doing short survey)

This is a fun Freebie...go here and fill out a survey about lunch meat for the good people over at Land O Moms, and they will give you a free mp3 download of your choice from any artist on the Universal Music label. They will do this for the first 250,000 people so your chances of getting over there in time are pretty great! SWEET!

Thanks Freebies 2 Deals.