Thursday, July 7, 2011

I made cupcakes to save money...

I don't like a lot of sweets and in fact rarely like cake or ice cream. But I have a weakness-I am a sucker for a fancy well made cupcake, and I have been known to scout out expensive, trendy, yummy cupcake spots all over the country. I have been known to pay $3-$6 for a single is not frugal but it is SO good.
I made a decision yesterday and chose to try to make my very first homemade, from scratch cupcakes of my life. I did not expect the high quality of the Fancy shops on the first try, but I hoped to get the flavors I wanted and maybe a recipe I could improve in the future.

I prepared by reading a LOT of recipes online for cupcakes and frosting as I could not find exactly what I wanted. So, I knew I was going to have to wing it a little-yes I said wing it for my first try at from scratch cupcakes.

I wanted to make a chocolate (fresh) raspberry cupcake with a nutella (chocolate hazelnut) cream cheese frosting. I combined recipes and researched and did all I could do. I went and got the ingredient and Guess what? I did it! I made my cupcakes. See:

They were met by mixed reviews from the kids (2 liked them, 2 did not):

But I liked them:

They were not perfect and could probably use some tweaking on the recipe, but they stopped me from going and spending $40 on a dozen. AND now in the future I feel more confident that I can make a good cupcake at home-I am sure I will get better as I practice more...who knows maybe someday you will see me on Cupcake Wars (haha).


You can send fan mail to Disney characters and get back autographed pics!!

This is freaking awesome! Seriously I did not know you could do this! I SOOO wish my aunt Cathy was still alive so I could have Goofy send her a picture! (Yes I know she was not a kid, but trust me-it would have made her day...ney year!)

Anyway, Couponing to Disney says that you can have your kid(s) write a fan letter to their favorite Disney character and they will get an autographed picture back. Just write them a letter at this address (Couponing to Disney said to be sure to let them know why you love them so much):

Walt Disney Company
Attn: Fan Mail Department
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521

How awesome is that? I know what my kids and I will be doing this afternoon.

Get FREE Nail strips (or at least a $10 credit to

One of my favorite ways to get freebies is when a new deals site (like Groupon) offers a bonus for signing up. So, I am super happy to be able to tell you about this new site that is offering $10 credit when you sign up. currently is offering a $10 credit when you sign up as a new customer. AND the deal today is for Nail Polish Strips (which I have been wanting to check out and try for a while now). You can pay $6 for $12 Worth of Nail Polish Strips + free shipping which means you can get this deal totally free with the $10 credit.

If you are interested, please sign up using my referral link here so I can also benefit from your joining (I get a $10 credit for referrals). I want to warn you first that you WILL have to enter your Credit Card number but it will charge you nothing when your total is under the $10 credit amount.


Giveaway: Purex with Zout (2 winners) ends 7/26

I told you that I am a Purex Insider And that as part of that I am able to share with you some information and giveaways for Purex products. Today I have the opportunity to start a new giveaway! Let me tell you all about the product. It is Purex with Zout.

What is it?

Purex with Zout is a new laundry detergent that combines the fabulous Purex detergent with the triple-enzyme stain-fighting power of Zout stain remover.

Here are a few facts about it:
  • Uses THREE stain fighting enzymes that target different stains: Protease fights protein based stains like grass and blood, Amylase fights starchy stains like chocolate and tomato sauce, and Mannanase fights guar which is used as a thickened in many foods like ice cream, BBQ sauce and Salad dressing.
  • Can be used in ALL machines including high efficiency.
  • Can be used as a normal detergent OR you can pour directly on fabric for 5 minutes on tough stains.
  • Comes in 2 varieties: Fresh Morning Burst and Free & Clear
  • Priced to please! It costs less than leading detergents at prices ranging from $3.49-$7.99 depending on size.
What did we think?

I was sent a sample of the Free & Clear for my family to use, and we loved it. It was fantastic for our sensitive skinned children and got most of our hardest stains out with minimal effort. I really liked it and will look to purchase it next time I buy detergent. Please see my complete review here. On that complete review are some awesome pictures of some of the stains we got out!

What is the deal?

If you are wondering whether this is really good, Purex is asking you to "Prove it to yourself." And the way you can prove it to yourself is by requesting a free sample from them (if you have not already requested one). To do so, just go to this website and fill out the form.

On top of requesting the sample, you can also try to win a full size bottle here on Beckee's Deals!

Here is how to enter the Giveaway (PLEASE make sure to leave an email address in each comment so I can reach you should you win):

What can you win: Two lucky Beckee's Deals readers will each win a coupon for a free full size bottle of Purex with Zout.

MANDATORY ENTRY (Must do this first for other entries to count): Go Visit the Purex with Zout page here, then come back to this post and leave a comment letting me know really anything you noticed about Purex on their site that stuck out to you.

Once you have done that, you can get 5 extra entries by doing the following things (Just make sure to leave a separate comment for each entry, and leave me your email address in each comment so I know how to contact you should you win):

1. Become a PUBLIC GFC follower of my blog.

2. Subscribe to my blog via Email or an RSS feed/reader. (Yes-you can use this entry if you are already an email or RSS subscriber- just let me know how you subscribe to my blog).

3. Become a Facebook fan of my blog here.

4. Follow me on Twitter here.

5. Tell me how you found this giveaway

Be sure to leave a comment for each entry with your email address. The winner will be chosen using This giveaway ends on Tuesday, July 26th at 11:59 PM Central Time.

***As mentioned, I am a Purex Insider, and Purex provided me with a FREE sample of the detergent for myself as well as 2 coupons for the giveaway. However, as always all opinions are my own!***


Possible salads free from Noodles & Company

**Local readers-please note that on their website it says there shirts are "while supplies last, with the exception of Tennessee, Nebraska, St. Louis & Columbia, MO" I don't actually think our Noodles & Company store has salads at all, thus no shirts? That is my guess anyway...sorry)***

I am not sure whether you can read that, but it says that Noodles & Company is giving away 50-10 degrees of Salad shirts at the opening of their stores this morning (that is 50 PER store). You can read more about what this is and how it works here.

I got this in an email and it appears to be a nationwide event for Noodles & Company (with the exception of Nebraska-BOO, Tennessee, St Louis & Columbia, MO), but I would call your local store and see if they are participating or go in right at 10:30 when they open and see if they are participating and whether you can score a shirt! Best of luck and let me know if you get a shirt-I would be happy to be one of the friends you pass it on to! :)


**HOT**$5/5 Kellogg's coupon plus Bag N Save local deal=cheap cereal!!

This is a super hot coupon! Go to and use zip code 84711, then look for the coupon for $5/5 Kelloggs cereal. (This picture I took says print limit reached because I printed it my personal limit of 2 prints-you should still be able to get it right now). That being said though, this coupon will go fast as it is AWESOME (Especially awesome for local readers since Bag N Save has Kellogg's cereals 50% off Friday through Sunday-I am thinking this is going to be a great week to stock up on some super cheap cereal!!!
Thanks for the coupon heads up Couponing to be Debt Free.