Friday, July 8, 2011

Parents magazine only $4 for a YEAR!!!

I told you that I am a Purex Insider and that as part of that I am able to share with you some information for Purex products. Well, I am glad to be able to tell you today that Purex is partnering with Parents Magazine to offer a one year subscription for only $4. That is only $.33 an issue!

Currently to get this offer, you have to enter a unique referral code from a Purex Insider. So, if you are interested in getting this great magazine for a FULL YEAR for only $4. Please go to this website and enter your information INCLUDING my personal code which is PX0885.


Cereal shopping this morning...

Remember the Hot $5/5 Kellogg's cereals Coupon plus local deal I told you about yesterday? Well, I went over this morning and look what I got:

There are actually 11 cereals there because I bought 2 of the Raisin Bran Crunch. AND you might see that there is a nail clipper in that picture to because I really needed to get that. Here is the receipt.

I spent $12.62 total-take away the $1.69 price of the nail clippers and I spent $10.93 on cereal. Actually you can take away the $.12 of tax too as the clippers were the only taxed item-so we are down to $10.81 for 11 boxes of cereal which means I spent an average of $.98 per box of cereal. Not bad! Even without the $10 in coupons I used, the sale at Bag N Save is pretty decent for cereal right now.

So locals, if you need cereal, head over to Bag N Save today, tomorrow, or Sunday (July 8-10) and snag some. I would go sooner rather than later as it is while supplies last. AND if you have the coupons, you can get an even better deal!!



2 Giveaways to enter!!

Did you notice I have 2 giveaways going on now with another few coming very soon? I am getting so excited for all the upcoming reviews/giveaways! I made some great contacts yesterday for even more great stuff!!
Please go enter the 2 current giveaways-the more interest in the giveaways and themore entries, the more likely I am to be able to get even more fantastic things to giveaway on here!

Currently open and awaiting your entries are the following giveaways:

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Diapers ends 7/26

Purex with Zout 2 winners, ends 7/26

Good luck!