Monday, July 25, 2011

FREE Francis Chan book!!

Halfway Herbert

This is an interesting freebie, David C Cook Christian Publishers is offering a FREE book by author Francis Chan. You can choose any of the following books: Crazy Love, Forgotten God, The Big Red Tractor, Halfway Herbert, or Ronnie Wilson’s Gift. All you have to do to get the offer is click here, and fill out the form. I knew nothing about the books so I looked them up on Amazon and ended up requesting Halfway Herbert for the kiddos!

Thanks Real Life Deals.


Reader Question: Where do I FIND coupons?!

Recently I had a reader ask me about where to find online printable coupons. I realized I have not talked about that much lately. This is the short and sweet post to answer that question. First though can I just throw in that I highly recommend getting the Sunday newspaper so you can clip the coupons in it?!  Now, for online coupons, I get most of my coupons from Other places to look are Smart Source and Red Plum.

Also if you are looking for a specific product or brand, check their company website and facebook page. There are OFTEN the best coupons there.  And one more trick if you are looking for a specific item is to check a coupon database where you can type in the name of a product you are looking for and it tells you whether there is a coupon out there for it. It also tells you the source of the coupon and often they are printable, so you can just print out a coupon for whatever you need to buy. I do know that there have been a couple times when I knew about a coupon that I did not find on their database, but most of the time I find great coupons hat I need! The site I use most is at Hot Coupon World and you can find it here.


Love em or Hate em...let them KNOW!!!

It has been quite a while since I have written about this, so I wanted to repost this. I originally wrote it on 1/20/2010. Before you read on I want to mention that I am re-reading and may edit some in this post and I feel I should let you know that I am STILL a firm believer that you should let companies know what you think of their products/service if you notice something they do particularly well or particularly poorly!
I had a TERRIBLE experience at Texas Roadhouse the other day and we had a similarly poor experience with them a few months ago. I wrote to corporate about it. I have not heard back from them, but I feel better knowing that I was able to express my frustrations with their service and that maybe my email will help them make a positive change! (I will never eat there again, but lets hope it changes for the rest of you!!)

Anyway-on to the repost!!

One of the frugal blogs I love and check out everyday is Couponing to Disney. Not only does she have great deal ideas & Freebies, but she pays for Disney trips with money from "smart shopping"!! (How much do I love Disney?!) One program she started is her 5-a-Day program. You can read all about her project here but basically, she emails 5 companies a day to compliments or complains to them about their product.

I bring up her amazing program (which she obviously put A LOT of time and effort into), because it brings up a great bargain/coupon tip. If you just email a company and let them know about your experience with their product, whether good or bad, they will often send you coupons or freebies. I do not email companies everyday, but if I have a genuine experience, whether good or bad with a product or company, I always write. To be honest, if I have a bad experience, I am far more likely to write. Let me tell you about a couple experiences I have had.

This one was quite a while back, but here it is. I went to my local Hyvee with my brand new debit card. I had never used it and I was anxious to do so (as I never truly believe it will work until it does). Well this time my fears were confirmed as it did not work. I was embarrassed, but told the checker that I would just pay on my credit card (Curses, I hate having to do THAT). But before I could even get my card out, the manager on duty came over yelling at me about how my card would not work and I was going to have to do something else. There were people I know there and she made an already embarrassing situation MUCH worse. On my way out the door I took note of the general managers name, phone number and email, and the second I got home, I called and emailed him. Within an hour I had 2 phone calls from the store, and 2 emails of apology. 2 Days later, a $25 gift card and a handwritten apology letter from the mean manager came in the mail.

Over the weekend, my husband and I had plans across town from Cheeseburger in Paradise, but wanted to try eating there even though it was out of the way. However, to make our across town plans, we thought we would need a reservation. As it turns out, they do not take reservations, but they do take call ahead seating and they assured us on the phone that if our whole party was there by 6:45, we would be seated right then. When we arrived (with a minute to spare) and told her our name and that we called ahead, the hostess told us we would have to wait 20-25 minutes and I questioned her about the promise on the phone. She snottily said "Oh you called ahead?" (we had already been over that once) Then after a couple more minutes of her realizing that we were on her list (and she had screwed up) she said, "I guess we might be able to get you in in about 10-15 minutes." I was pissed as it was already 5 minutes past our seating time and could not make our plans if we waited. I told her we would not wait or ever return there. She LAUGHED at us and said "K, 'Bye!" After this rude, terrible service, we went to Chipotle where we had GREAT service, GREAT food and a salvaged quick meal before our plans. When I got home I emailed both Cheeseburger in Paradise and Chipotle. I got an apology from Cheesburger in Paradise corporate office saying I would hear from the exact location soon. Nothing from Chipotle yet.

Last night I emailed Huggies to let them know that using another brand of wipes recently reminded me why I always use Huggies, and I thanked them for maintaining high quality products for my babies. This morning I had an email from them thanking me for taking the time to email them and letting me know they had sent me coupons in the mail.

You can and should be an opinionated consumer. Do not be afraid to let a company know about your experience with them. You might get some benefit out of your letter which is ideal, but for me, I just like to have my opinion heard. So, go out there and email the companies that make your life easier or the ones that do not. Be proactive though and tell the companies what you think! After you do, let me know if you hear back!

***Update: In response to the emails I sent in these examples, Cheesburger in Paradise sent an appology letter and an invitation to return and let them make up for it-there was a $25 gift certificate included. (And when we did return with the gift card, we have never had such great service-they really made up for their one terrible employee!)

Huggies mailed me 3-$2 off coupons. And since this email I have emailed and gotten free and high value coupons from Kikkoman and Stacy's Pita Chips as well.***

Now, get your typing fingers ready and start sending those emails! Then let me know how it goes! I will let you know if we ever hear back from Texas Roadhouse (doubt it)...

FREE sample of Novea lotion through All You today!!

Today's All You Sample of the day is a returning sample of Nivea TOuch of Cashmere lotion. Apparently is was SOO popular last time they offered it that they decided to offer it again. So, go here and follow their directiosn to request your sample!

I get to Sample OLD NAVY jeans through Crowd Tap!! #crowdtapper #oldnavy


A While back I joined Crowd Tap which is a place you get to share your opinions and sometimes even get to sample awesoem items. One of the places they work with is Old Navy and I joined hoping to sample some SWEET Old Navy clothing. As you can imagine Crowd tappers are all pretty interested in the sampling events, so I applied and did not get in to the first few, but guess what?! Today I got accepted into the Old Navy Jeans Sampling event!!! YES!!! I will get to go pick out a pair or FREE Old Navy Jeans to sample out and tell you guys all about.

If you also want the chance to become a Crowd Tapper so you can sign up for future sampling events, please join through my referral link here and we can start tappin together! :)



UPrinting #Giveaway ENDS tonight-ONLY 17 entries...

Tonight at 11:59 pm central time my 250 UPromise Nightclub Flyers giveaway ends!! It still has REALLY low entries (17 as of this posting). There is a lot you could do with this prize-Christmas Cards, big event invitations, business flyers/cards...seriously LOTS of options!! And today is your last chance to enter, so get on it!!! :)

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