Monday, October 3, 2011

Giveaway: Yoplait & Sam's Club ($40 Sam's GC) #MyBlogSpark

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One of my favorite snacks or breakfasts is cherry yogurt. I love the Yoplait® kind with chunks of cherries. I don't buy yogurt as much as I would like because it is gone so quick in this family of 7. But thank goodness Sam’s Club can help me stock up on my family’s favorite Yoplait® yogurts at great, everyday low prices. I was told that they have an extended yogurt selections, featuring new Yoplait Light® with Granola and Trix yogurt. So I put it to the test and found it to be true! There is quite the variety at Sam's Club which made it easy to find the flavors I love at a price I like!

Yoplait, through MyBlogSpark, sent me $40 in Sam’s Club gift cards to purchase my favorite Yoplait yogurt at Sam’s Club. So I took the kids over and we bought some great Yoplait yogurt. Though my family is a bit boring and stuck with buying regular Yoplait yogurt, Light Yoplait and GoGurts, we did see the 2 new fantastic varieties (as described to me by Yoplait® on MyBlogSpark):
  • The delicious Yoplait Light yogurt that you know and love is now paired with 100% natural granola and real fruit, perfect for a convenient breakfast or snack.
  • While kids love the great taste, you’ll love the wholesome goodness of Trix yogurt, which has two colors in every cup and fruity “kids-only” flavors like Raspberry Rainbow and Strawberry Banana Bash.
I am a huge fan of Yoplait and I LOVE to support them when they do their Pink lids for the Susan G Komen cancer research, which they are doing now. It is a great cause and a great way to donate (just wash off and return your lids to the address on the lid and they will donate).

I bet you would also like the chance to head over to Sam’s Club and pick up some of the great Yoplait yogurts, right? Well, today is someones lucky day because I get to give one Beckee's Deals reader $40 in Gift Cards to Sam’s Club! To enter just fill out the Rafflecopter giveaway below (remember it takes a minute for the form to come up usually):

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***By Way of Discolsure, The Sam’s Club gift card, information, and giveaway have been provided by Sam’s Club and Yoplait® through MyBlogSpark.***