Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tryology-Weight Watchers Smart Ones-application open until 10/20

One question I get asked all the time online and in person is HOW I find so many great products to try and review. There are a lot of places I look for those opportunities, but one of my favorites is a site called EXPOtv. I wanted to share this site with you today because RIGHT NOW they have a fun "tryology" program you can apply for. (Applications will be taken until October 20th only so you will want to join and apply asap!). Tryology is one of the programs EXPOtv has and it is my favorite because it is the one that lets you sample product then make a video review for them to post. (I was intimidated by the video part at first but it is easy peasy. Just spend like 1-3 minutes talking about what you thought of the tryology product and post video on their site-really easy).
If you sign up now, you can apply for their new Weight Watchers Smart Ones Tryology program. Here is a little about it straight from them:

We just teamed up with Weight Watchers Smart Ones, to give our members the chance to try the new Satisfying Selections bagged dinners for FREE! This is an exclusive program where selected EXPO members are invited to sample and review the newest dinner by Smart Ones
Want to apply? Here is how:

1- Register for

2- Check out the Smart Ones Tryology program.

3- Apply in your EXPO profile by taking the SmartOnes Screener.

4- Look for an invitation on October 21st to claim your free product if you are chosen!

Remember, applications are only open through October 20th, so sign up and apply today!


Custom Hot Wheels! AWESOME! Check out this review...

Boy was there excitement and jealousy in this house when I was given this opportunity! If you are a friend or regular reader, you probably know I have 3 boys, one is a baby and the older two are 5 and 7. So, the guys have to take turns helping mom review boy products. This specific review was aimed to boys ages 3-5, so it was Army's turn to help me. Boy was E Dawg jealous! We may be making another one of these soon...
With that I am sure you are dying to know what has caused all the excitement at the Beckee's Deals house! This did:

It is a SAH-WEET Custom Hot Wheels truck! Oh yeah!! CUSTOM!! Army got to pick his style of car/truck, choose a picture to put on it and choose a little sentence to put on it. We thought he might pick a picture of himself and put something like "Army's ride" or "Army rules!". He didn't! That sweet little guy went with this:

Could you see the picture and words? The picture is of his baby brother and him and the words say "I love my Family"

By now you are surely asking yourself "How does one make such a prized possession for my little kiddo?" Well, I am happy to report it is pretty easy to do! You just go to Hot Wheels Customs Website and follow the 6 easy steps on the page to make your own Hot Wheels Custom. It will be to your house in a few weeks (So Christmas shopping should be done soon!)

What did mom think?

Super easy to make. The 6 steps on the website are easy to follow and the website was easy to navigate. We did have to get a picture that we could frame in the available space for the truck he chose, but it was easy to fit the picture in. The whole process of making it on their site was easy!

After making it, the time frame to get the truck seemed like it was going to take forever, but it is a CUSTOM item after all. And in the end, it really only took a couple weeks to get here! It is super cute and Army (and all the other kids) love to play with it! It would be a SUPER cute Christmas gift! I am thinking of making ones with the boys pictures on the top and names on the side just so there is no more fighting over which truck belongs to which child! It would be well marked on their own Custom Hot Wheel! Cute idea, right?!

More importantly, What did Army think?

(I am writing what HE says verbatim)
"It was easy to make online with mom's help. When it came to our house I thought it would be cool to play but mom made me wait to open it. (Mom note-just to take pics for the review) When I opened it, it looked like exactly how I remembered I made it just for me! I love my truck and my family and that is my final words!"

My final thoughts:

Go check out the Custom Hot Wheels options here and see all the fun things you can do! I think any little guy would LOVE this little personalized gift!

***Please note that I received the free product above for review as part of a promotional program with Hot Wheels® and MomSelect. I did not receive any further compensation nor was I obligated to give a good review. And, as always, all opinions expressed are my own (and Army's this time).***