Friday, January 20, 2012

Attn Utahns: PLEASE speak up for Autism! You have the chance to make a difference

Both my husband and I have family members that are on the Autism Spectrum to varying degrees. In fact, I should disclose that my husband's cousin is the President at Utah Autism Coalition and my sister is the Central Region Co-Chair at Utah Autism Coalition. They are both highly involved in trying to get insurances to pay for autism treatments.

Did you know health insurances do not have to pay for Autism Treatment? Well, there is a bill in Utah trying to change that. Please see this story on KSL about this bill and this one on Deseret News.

Although I do not often voice my own personal opinions on anything political, I felt it important to at least point out to my Utah readers that there is a bill for you to read. After you have read it, I hope you will please voice your support for it to your representatives. I know you will not all support the bill, but I want to tell you that our families have had many personal experiences with needing help with Autism treatments and having no insurance to pay for it, so they have had to pay for what they could afford out of pocket.

Please just read the bill here and see the stories linked above! Wes's cousin posted the following posts on Facebook this morning:

Autism supporters: we need your comments posted to the Deseret News comments section on this story. We have to make sure our support is known. Avoid any sort of angry post - I know this is difficult when it is such a personal issue - but clearly stating your position is crucial! Thank you.

Please go to the KSL story and leave comments about how important this is to you. Try not to attack the naysayers too much - mud slinging is an ugly two way street. Just talk about how important this is to you. We need to have a good list of supportive comments. Thanks!

My sister sent me this: UTAH! Ask Your House Representative to Support HB69! - **Autism Votes **

Thank you for reading this and thoughtfully considering this bill!



Andrea said...

Thanks, Beckee!! And, thanks everyone for reading this. . . and hopefully voicing your support.