Wednesday, May 30, 2012

#OldNavy and #Crowdtap Sample share: @OldNavy Shorts!!

Have I mentioned (10 or 20 thousand times) how much I LOVE Old Navy and Crowdtap?! And I especially love then together when Crowdtap lets me go try out a new Old Navy item! This time I got to go with a friend to pick out shorts, and I cannot wait to tell you about it! First off, check out this seasons selection of shorts here.

There are a lot of cute styles, but I have to admit, I was quite nervous that they would not have anything long enough for me. I have to have shorts that are knee length (or nearly knee length), and the options for that were few and far between. However, I was able to find a few options.

And I was happy to settle on this pair here:

The friend I took with me was my daughter. She has sprouted in size and now is only slightly smaller than I am (much skinnier, but only a but shorter-we can now share shoes). She can get away with shorter shorts, so we were able to try a lot more options for her:

The ones she settled on were these:

All in all we had a BLAST trying on shorts at Old Navy and getting a new pair each. My only complaint was that there was not a big enough selection of long shorts. (Maybe I should have gone shopping in Utah?!)

Please note by way of Disclosure that I was given a coupon for me to get a free pair of shorts and for my friend to also get a free pair of shorts. Thanks Old Navy and Crowdtap for providing that!!