Friday, July 6, 2012

Back to the grind in a new location...

We have made it to Arizona!!

We are settling into out house here in Scottsdale. We have been here for a week and a half, and there are less boxes in the house, but that is of course a work in progress:

But to be honest, I have not been JUST unpacking. We have also tried to have a little fun and discover this new home of ours a little.
I am looking for lots of FREE activities to share about Scottsdale (a little hard to do, but I have found some so far). I am going to find out about where kids eat free here and when, and I just got my first set of grocery ads here the other day, so I am working on my first Scottsdale grocery deals.
For my OMAHA fans, I will continue to post the things I know about Omaha going on (like Railroad Days coming next week!), but I will not be doing grocery deals anymore. There is a blogger in Omaha that posts her favorite grocery deals each week-it is not as extensive as my long list, but will give you a few of the best deals. I will post her info later today along with a list of other Omaha blogs I know of!

As for me and my blog, we have moved to Scottsdale (for a year) and have a new adventure ahead!

AWAY WE GO!! More coming today!