Monday, July 9, 2012

FREE family fun is Scottsdale: Splash Pads!!!!

When we started telling people we were moving to Scottsdale, AZ, lots of people laughed and asked how a deals blogger would live in Scottsdale. Apparently Scottsdale is generally a well off area. It is more "Tiffany and Co" than "Walmart" kind of people (in general). Honestly, the Walmart is pretty far from where I live as is the Target. BUT in just 2 short weeks living here, I have started to find the deals.

The first thing Wes and I googled and tried to find in Scottsdale was FREE, fun family activities. I should mention that Scottsdale is a suburb of Phoenix in the North East part of the valley. Phoenix is a huge sprawling metropolitan area and there is a lot of Phoenix information for me to wade through still, but Scottsdale itself, and nearby areas (like Fountain Hill) are somewhat lacking in Free family fun. At least at first glance. We have had to look for activities one at a time.

The first thing I wanted to find was a cheap or free way to cool off. Most homes here have pools int he back yard. The one we are renting does not. We have friends and neighbors here already that have offered us use of their pools, but I have as yet not taken anyone up on that offer (it's hard to take 5 kids to someones house to swim when you hardly know the people and the kids only kind of swim...) I found water parks and pools (looks like I need to figure out how to get discounts on some of those) and they were fairly pricey, so I began my search for Splash parks!

Right off I found one not too far from my house in Fountain Hill: Fountain Park, 12925 N. Saguaro Blvd. (Pictured above) We have been there like 5 times already. The kids love it, and the bonus for us is that there is also a Disc Golf course there around the lake (long time readers and friends will know that my husband, Wes LOVES to disc golf!). We played disc golf on the 4th of July. Had a blast, but lost 2 discs in the lake...might need a course further from water for future games... The splash pad there is really fun with lots of different water features. I recommend it as a great free, fun, wet, cooling family activity in Scottsdale.

There is only one other splash pad we have been to, and that one was at a shopping center: Scottsdale Quarter, 15279 N. Scottsdale Road. The kids loved that one because we went in the evening after Wes got home and after we ate dinner. It was Friday night and as it starts to get dark they have colorful lights that go on in the water area. The kids adored it. From my viewpoint, at first I was taken a back a little because Scottsdale Quarter is a little ritzy. And the splash area is basically right by the valet parking. So all the fancy dressed date night couples go to the valet to drop off their car, then they have to pass the water pad to get to the restaurant or club of their choice. At first I was a little antsy there (felt pretty under dressed), but then I just sat back and started to enjoy the pure people watching entertainment! WOW! I think I may need a bedazzler to fit in here! BUT, I Loved it!! People watching is awesome...Also a great FREE activity (Free if you can resist all the shops and restaurants).

And, I just found a great list of other splash pads in Scottsdale on (which is think is maybe the news?). I guess I have a few more places to check out now...